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Will Dad come to give birth?

Will Dad come to give birth?

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There are many guys who have many different attitudes towards parenting. And, of course, there are many women who have many different attitudes towards fatherhood. Let's get something out of this!

Today, it is almost natural, and in some circumstances, it is required that a father be present at birth. Let me be clear: this is not the degree of fatherhood. It is a good thing to be born with a father, but only if it is natural for both of you. If you feel that you have to behave in front of him, because it is hard for you to hurt you, or to worry about him more than to give birth, sit down with couples who have already given birth before deciding. If he doesn't want to be there, don't be violent!
Tell him why you want him to be, and ask a few friends to tell you why it was important to them. It's not bad, if you ask, give me a visit to the living room and listen to the baby what you think about the father's birth. If you do not change your opinion, you have a good reason to stay away. Ask whether prolonged distress or busy birth is a major problem.
You may agree that you are missing out on the one who is worried, but the other event will end. If you do not want either, then ask that you not miss the first hour of your childbirth when dealing with a clean baby and a well-ordered mother.
If you still have uncertain points, it is best to leave the inquiry open. You can also change at the click of a button, dad can go in or just leave the site if it turns out. Of course, this requires you to recruit in the vicinity, with your mobile in your pocket.

Everywhere else!

You also need to know a few things even when you are flexible about the request. Not surprisingly, if contradictions are discovered, births do not always approach the problem with daddy eyes. Security is for me ask in advance what the mdi is.

The presence of the dad's support during the anguish can help a lot

  • Frequently, the fatigue can last for hours, during which most babies do not have the staff in the nursery, they just look in and out. In these cases, it is usually very good for a mother to have a couple with her.

  • There are several births in the country where the father cannot be in a state of confinement but only admitted to the finals ... (Ask!)

  • Birthing is a matter of judgment. It is worthwhile for the father to anticipate that he will adjust to what is going on inside. You may be stuck in the neck, or you may want everyone to leave.

  • The legend of the "daddy had to be washed like this" is much more popular than this phenomenon in general. Sure, it could be blood, sweat, scream, but it's not the same as being part of a mass crash. The baby is born, Dad is not looking, but a participant. It's so different. Especially if you are on your head or next to you.

  • There is a place where dad can't hand over the baby because they are afraid to drop it ... (Ask!)

  • There is a place where - even though we support a single parent - the father can only see the baby through the window in the days after the birth. (Kйrdezzetek!)

Should you be inside the inn?

At most births, this request does not arise because they do not admit the abbot. If so, then you really need to consider whether you have skin. You will certainly not place it beside the surgical surface, for there would be no place for the two doctors and the mummy, but for your head to hold your hand and kiss.
From there you cannot see anything like it, because the operating area is closed with a little curiosity. The baby is given to the baby in a small hospital after surgery. This can be a wonderful sensation. You can count on it even if you don't want to be there or can't go to work. (Kйrdezzetek!)
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