They were two-headed because of the weight

They were two-headed because of the weight

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An infamous video was filmed by American parents: a two-year-old baby girl was dying because of the weight.

"Take your stone s *** out here, your parents shouldn't give you more to eat," says an unidentified adult in a video of a two-year-old baby girl in a Philadelphia inn. Jennifer Ortiz, the baby aunt told a local hype show she sent her a video on Instagram a few weeks ago, and the bar doesn't know who's talking to the kid, she knew the cousin, Auburey, and that she was baby girl.A child was blamed for gravity (pictured below) One of the owners of Amazing Kidz Academy LLC, Lisa Smith He said he was "really sad that such malicious and nasty videos could have gone to public pages," but also said that a non-burglary employee had made the recording. "We want to contact the baby's family and try to fix this error to find out how important children are to us. At the same time, this is a very important lesson for all of us. afterwards, a mom, who wanted to stay anonymous, confessed that she had made the recording and apologized. "We didn't want to blame anyone. I want to apologize to the parents, because I'm a mother too and I can't imagine anyone behaving like this with my son." The naked mom called the video a stupid mistake she didn't want to put on the public side. However, Ortiz refuses to accept the apology and wants his wisdom to be more responsible, like what he has allowed a stranger to play with. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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