Natural contraceptive control

Natural contraceptive control

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Many people think that such methods are more for those who want a child and more precisely to determine their productive days.

This public transportation is based on what is, in fact, much more a natural method, but their reliability is not the same. A common feature of all procedures is the need to avoid sexual contact on certain days. However, it is not enough to simply calculate when the ovaries will be, and it is not enough to obtain a three in addition to the calendar, so that the number of women's body temperature can change significantly. The world did not stop there either: the modern, self-observing, multi-bodily symptom evaluation method, according to extensive research results, is just as reliable as a pill and a pill. Of course, only when used properly.
Natural Family Planner Workers have been working with Certified Advisers for years, and we provide courses for women and couples interested. It's always a good feeling to see a woman learn to normalize her body, and that is good for me. Occasionally there are also practical difficulties: self-monitoring requires regular waking up in time, and sometimes the signals are ambiguous. In our experience, these only really make a difference if the woman or the couple has not clarified what to expect from this method. Often self-confidence is lacking. The environment is constantly telling women that their bodies are "not okay" (for example, because they are stone or very productive) and only this or that agent or procedure can "help". Let's learn that you can trust these external tools only. Natural family planning, on the other hand, has to say that a woman's body is very well - but to experience this, owning her own body also requires some wit. Natural family planning is not necessarily and in all respects in line with today's sexual expectations, so you may have relationship difficulties. In our work, however, I find that for single, engaged couples, enrichment and relationship enhancement is much more of an issue that cannot be solved.
What is the nature of the method?
The natural family planning method taught by the TCST Working Community, when applied properly, can reliably help you avoid conception. And in case of childhood, it helps to find the best days to get pregnant. Successful couples can be a part of their entire lifestyle. The knowledge you need for natural family planning can be acquired safely on a training course, this step-by-step guide is for the benefit of all. Because there may be details from lifestyles, individualities, and life situations that we consider to require personalized advice for purity.
The so-called cycle can be observed in the female cycle fertility signs: base temperature and cervical (or complementary mark on the cervix) changes. These observations are recorded and recorded according to well-established rules. In this way we can determine the beginning and the end of the fertile period.
The alaphхmйrsйklet it may be measured in the mouth or at the end of the morning after awakening, but before rising. Its value remains at a lower level until ovulation, then rises and remains higher until the next menstruation.
THE mйhnyaknyбkot it is produced by the glands found in the cervix and is absent from the vagina. Its presence creates favorable conditions in the female body for the human sex cells, which are only short-lived. The neck can be felt at the vaginal inlet and can be examined with the neck in place. In this way, we can determine its qualitative and quantitative characteristics. In the post-menstrual days, the stomach is generally undetectable, and then a small, thick, white or yellow, non-stubborn stump appears. On very productive days, the skewers are believed to be lean, fair, and very slender than the raw egg white. After ovulation, it thickens again and then disappears completely. The presence of any kind of skewer is a basic fertility sign!
The lower part of the cervix is ​​the outside mйhszбj. The position, tactility, and openness of the sheath in the vagina also change throughout the cycle, and this can be examined internally. Occasionally, your observation may complement the cervical observation.
A form of life that requires two of us
Csilla: More than a dozen years ago, we decided on this method. It was important to me to respect the natural functioning of my body. I didn't want to push myself with hormones, I didn't do side effects. But I was on the lookout for artificial tools and medical intervention. Another important consideration was that this method certainly did not prevent the conception of a conceived life (unlike spirals or tablets).
The method proved to be safe not only according to statistics, but also for us. I never got pregnant unexpectedly, but when we wanted to, all of our children took it pretty tight. And as a result of the application, I was pleasantly surprised to become much more aware. I know and appreciate what is going on in my body. I am more confident in women's power because I know more about my own body than she does. I know that I am healthy, because with self-monitoring many germicidal and hormonal diseases would be recognized at an early age. The only challenge is retention. Because of the high security of the method, it requires a lot of sexual intercourse on fertile days. This is often not easy - but it also gives you the opportunity to lose your relationship. Do we have to make common decisions over and over again: do we want security, or do we follow our goals? Can we survive without the unity and intimacy we all desire? It requires a constant dialogue: what we think of our sexuality, our relationship. My greatest congratulations are to me for experiencing complete acceptance by Tamás. I just need him, along with my fertility, which is such an important part of my womanhood. He does not consider him to be an enemy to be fought against, but to recommend that we live with him.
Thomas: When we first discussed the possible methods in our social life with Star, he always recommended TCST. I didn't know much then exactly what it was. But as I came to know it, I thought it was something for us. She was touched by the openness and naturalness of how we followed the cycle changes, as Csilla told me this "secret", the processes of her body. I learned to respect these badges, and I saw them blossom - he felt that I totally accepted him. I was also worried that we wouldn't have to use any tools or artificial materials, so we wouldn't risk our health at all.
With all these benefits, it seemed that a couple of "missed" days of love were not so bad. Although we know that this can be a bit difficult for the method, we have always found that our relationship has strengthened in the blood - and the new one again and again.
The exact rules, to be honest, I didn't really care about at first, these were kept by Csilla. Throughout the years, I also became a specialist in the field, advising me on the method, and now we can hold courses together.
M. dr. Dulбcska Csilla - Martos Tamбs
Further information:
Phone: 355-92-65; e-mail: [email protected]; Web: www.tcst.hu (uploading)
Recommended books:
- Dr. med. Josef Rötzer: Natural contraception. Herder Kiadó Kft., 1992. (detailed, all problems are explained)
- Kipley: The Art of Natural Family Planning
- Dr. István Karacsony: Natural contraception. Sprinter Edition (Short summary without special life situations)


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