6 skincare related skincare

6 skincare related skincare

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Many people have yearnings about effective and optimal skin care, and how to preserve skin youth.

6 skincare related skincare

Sutka Bebta skincare specialist peeling off 6 blankets.

1. There is no need for protection

UV radiation also appears in the Earth's atmosphere even in the cloud, so we need to protect our skin too much. In addition, we cannot be fooled into believing that if we were wearing light-colored makeup, we would do whatever our skin wanted. A normal skin woman should apply 14-15 layers of light foundation to achieve the desired protection. Even under such products necessary mailers hasznбlnunk.

2. High Transmission Factor Chemical Filter (SPF) provides perfect protection

Modern phonetics must also protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays, but this does not appear to be the case. According to the latest scientific research, one has to be created second line of defense which also protects against the weakening of the immune system caused by UV radiation and DNA damage. For this reason, the latest formulas meet the classic criteria of absorbing or reflecting UVA and UVB rays on the skin surface, while also containing a cellular defect (Ectoin) that has the same effect.

3. A soapy face wash results in a beautiful skin

When rubbing our skin with soap, not only dirt, but also numerous protective active oils and other natural protective factors are washed away. In addition, excessive fat loss causes skin irritation, which can lead to blemishes, acne and inflamed blackheads. Soap instead of soap is much more advisable facial cleanse, which can be used to complete hydration with hydration.

4. Crazy creams do wonders

In this request, we must first deal with "miracles." There is still no known cure for efficacy that is comparable to that of a plastic wound. In addition, cheaper products also contain much more similar ingredients than exclusive products. This does not mean, of course, that the premium category rewards are not good, but that in many cases the most important thing is to pay for the brand name, the packaging and the advertising campaign.

5. Insects eliminate existing wrinkles

Most unscented simply it only hydrates the skin, fuller and therefore a bit smoother - it doesn't get any deeper. However, there are also some very useful ingredients, such as retinol and tretinoin, which penetrate the skin and actively promote cellular formation. Its effect is to regenerate dense skin cells and increase their collagen content, as well as prevent premature skin ulceration. Nonetheless, no miracle ointment has disappeared, once deep,.

6. The sagging of the skin is not reversible

- Many people believe they can just get rid of their wrinkles, but with sagging, tightened skin, there's nothing to do with it. However, it is precisely this problem that is assisted by a micro-sonic ultrasound biolifting procedurewhich with one treatment can "restore" the skin to its previous condition - emphasizes Beuta Sutka, a specialist in Oxygen Medical Ultherapy.- First we treat 4.5 mm, here the skin is touched, here is the volume. Second, ultrasonic energy is applied to the skin at a depth of 3 mm, and finally 1.5 mm, against superficial fine wrinkles. The energized energy reaches the skin under the skin with a tiny bit of precision, where tiny scars form, which triggers collagen formation. Micro-focused ultrasound heats the tissue deep into the optimum 67 ° C. As a result of this heat, the skin is softened and raised during the 60-90 day regeneration period, the lifting effect is created.


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