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One-sided eating for the kid - six solution tips

One-sided eating for the kid - six solution tips

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Many mothers look a little jealous at their neighbor's toddler when he chews on the gossip like ours. Many children tend to eat very few things after weaning. Is it our fault or genetics?

One-sided eating for the kid - six solution tips

In general, the more you try to force you to eat something that is healthy for you, the more you refuse. The healthy diets articles about parents usually forget only the most important thing, the child's own will.

1. Do not become a person

It hurts everyone to cook the food we love for our child because we think he likes it best and the answer is "I don't like it!" Let's try not to attack us or our person. It might be a good idea to ask him or her what to eat, and to decide what to eat, without having to engage in power struggles.

2. Rely on our own urges

We'll definitely talk about our child catering problems in a friendly company, play. Little moms, though unintentionally, can cause very bad sensations with a deliciously healthy machine and the best mom in costume when she just accidentally tells you that she just had a baby coat where she had a baby. But it was made from hundreds of fruits, made from organic milk, bio-yoghurt and completely allergenic. It is perfectly normal for us to let go of these births besides our ears and to shape this part of our lives as best we can for our child and family.

3. Let's be creative

However strange the idea is to put whole foods in a sneaky package, and if you want to get cabbage or broccoli into your body, for example, we have to find some clever solution. For example, we can make chopped cabbage in souffle muffins or pretzels, make broccoli from cream broth, with a little yellow bark, which changes the color and can say that it is fine fries. make a chipset from the greensLittle by little, the kids are usually there for fun. We can make cheese cream with a little honey on whole wheat breads, which looks much more delicious. If we have a lot of time and are very creative, we can make animal figures from greens or fruits that will work and fit into our mouths.

4. Coat them in the cooker

The little ones, boys and girls, like to pepper around in the kitchen while cooking and willingly play the role of a pancake. We can allow them to ring the thread, whip up the boiled eggs And be there for us if we can protect them by cooking hot food. That's why they feel important and hopefully taste and eat what they "made".

5. You may just have a bad day

When we read blogs, the number of changes in a child's behavior, sleep, room cleanliness, attention, person's worth of sugar, fruit, non-organic or GMO products is counted. However, your child may simply have a bad day, control too many senses, and do not care what he or she has eaten before. Of course, if you have a behavioral problem or insanity, you may want to think about it, what kind of food and drinks to take with you our child is most welcome. If necessary, seek the help of a dietitian or psychologist, who will refer you to the appropriate person, if necessary.

6. Don't Choose "Food Order"

There are days when our child will not have as much food as we are used to, or on the contrary, eat whatever he has seen. Sometimes they eat a lot of fruits, but not green, and sometimes they just want to eat cucumber slices in autumn. It's not the purpose of keeping a statement, but the fact that we know its gains are balanced over a week. If we try to give him the choice and confidence in him and in his goodness, he will also learn to trust us. Sometimes we can only change with the passing of time, as our child makes a difference. But if you are only one-sided willing to eat, ask your pediatrician, nutritionist what they recommend to prevent it from developing diet-related ailmentwhich is something we have to start with.Related Articles:
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