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Is the mother really closer to the child than the father?

Is the mother really closer to the child than the father?

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For the time being, women should always keep in mind that there is a special, tight bond between children and them. We expect to spend more time with you. But is there a basis for this stuttering?

Is the mother really closer to the child than the father?

According to previous beliefs, the mother has a special (maternal) instinct, which makes her more able to feed the child than the father. However, this is countered by numerous studies which show that the sensibilities of the child during pregnancy and breastfeeding are different and varied. the attitudes towards parenting are not the same in all mothers. If you were to have a straightforward biological thing to do, you wouldn't have that much difference in settings, according to some experts. Because the burden is on the woman, this link should be stronger in her case - adjust it. However, several studies have shown that a relationship with a child can be close even if the mother did not die during the pregnancy. Moreover, even if you have not survived the pregnancy itself, this is illustrated by a number of examples of relationships with adopted children or children who have been deported with a baby.
Then there is the hormone produced during labor and breastfeeding, oxytocin. However, it is a lesser known fact that not only the mother but also the father begins to produce oxytocin during this period, and this also affects the relationship with the child.
The biggest problem is that mother and father's relationship with a child is not compared in most studies, so there is no way to interpret similarities and differences. However, the results so far suggest that the mother, not primarily for biological reasons, but rather for social reasons, appears in the mind of a parent who is wholehearted and knows all the needs of her child.
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