The souls also evolve

The souls also evolve

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Evolutionary psychologists distinguish these basic feelings from young children. The joy, the fear, the anger, and the sorrow are manifested in other forms and complexities at every age.

We also need to take care of the spiritual development of our baby

A four-month-old baby will recognize when someone is friendly or angry and respond accordingly. As your movement evolves, so do your emotional manifestations. I don't know much, but Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is more important to life in life than IQ. You can develop EQ from a very early age. Here are a couple of tips: At two-three years of age, not only defiance, but another venture, fascinating kindness is also typical. The basic element of emotional development is the so-called хsbizalom. Our weekdays can be crowded, troublesome, yet we must strive to create and express a confident mood, to our parents always, unconditionally, to sing, to say, to dance If you feel good in your skin, you will be more attentive, more responsive and more productive. If you are frightened of something, be aware, hold it firmly in your arms, it will provide security even if we cannot change the inconvenience.From about one year old, we can also teach you how to handle your senses:- Take your senses seriously and help you find words
- Express the senses in color. For example, red frost, blue calm, yellow cheerful mood
- Let's play sensual scenes with the dolls or the teddy bear, like quarreling in the sandbox or singing alone in the room or cheering because Dad came home
- Let's cheat on family photos where we have a look on how we feel. Let's talk about that too!
- Let us show our senses and say it with our words.They may also be interested in:
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