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This is how you can raise an honest kid!

This is how you can raise an honest kid!

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Many parents are frightened when their child first comes up and think they have "spoiled" something in their upbringing. However, it is part of normal cognitive development and plays a major role in the development of integrity.

In addition to sincerity, of course, children also learn important moral skills, learning what is right and wrong, as well as being honest is more than telling the truth. At the same time, "complete" honesty is not socially acceptable and should not be taught to children - he says Gene Beresin gyermekpszicholуgus. "Honesty, truth, lies, injustice are extremely complex concepts that a small child simply cannot understand. They are about 5-6 years old enough to understand the complexity of this. and the most important teachers are, of course, parents, "explains the expert.This is how you can raise your child upright!

How honest are you?

The most important thing is, of course, how we show the child, that is, how honest we are. Sometimes it is inevitable that we lie to them, but as much as possible we should reduce this to a minimum. Let's not forget to let the kids hear when we're listening to others, like our couple!

Treat your child as a partner!

Honesty also requires the child to feel safe and not be misled by the fear of the offender. "Punishment is not a perfect cure, nor is it a disregard for lying," says the psychologist. "At the very least, we have to acknowledge the positive that the kid is talking about something he knows he can get in trouble." Even if not punished, behavior must have some consequences, and more importantly, let's talk about things: clarify and repeat the rules, praise the kid for the sincerity.

Allow time for development!

Children reach the cognitive maturity level in their teens to grasp the complex, abstract system of truth and lies. We wouldn't expect this before. However, toddlers need to start parenting right away, but be aware that this is a lengthy process. It is also important to know that a straight-up scene is a little ovis, a school and a teenager. A toddler loves to come up with whimsically sound stories, or to "color" the five stories. However, with schooling, the relationship with schoolmates, school fraud, is something that needs to be addressed.

Hazudуs messes?

Many tales contain lies, revulsion, cheating, misrepresentation, often to propel the story forward or to help the mainstream. However, this can be a great opportunity to talk about this with your child, explain to him / her what he / she is about and ask him / her what he / she thinks he / she has done. (Via)Also worth reading:
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