There are three things that make a child addicted to virtual games

There are three things that make a child addicted to virtual games

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Many parents worry that their child plays too much on the machine. When to worry and when is it unnecessary?

There are three things that make a child addicted to virtual gamesNir Eyal an article published in Psychology Today deals with the issue of video games, that is, when a parent has to worry about their child being addicted, he or she is actually much more profound. Divany.hu summed up the matter. Usually, we use the term addictively, since addiction means losing control, we can't resist action. Parents are often worried that the child is more likely to use the machine rather than to study, to teach or to do housework - but this is not a new phenomenon; busy instead of naming your house - call attention Eyal.The question is what attracts kids to video games, what makes it difficult for them to run. There is a theory that ъn. Predetermination theorythat shows what motivates people. The theory is about the intrinsic motivational factors that, without any external reinforcement, drive people to do something. Simply because they are good, balanced, the theory is that there are three things in life:
  • the kompetenciaйrzйsnek that is, you have to feel that you are doing something, developing, gaining knowledge
  • the autonуmiбnak - the guard is free to decide
  • And a kapcsolуdбsnak - I have to feel that I am important to others, and others are important to me.
It seems that if we accept this theory, the children in the school where they spend most of their time will not get it, few kids will feel competent, there is very little to choose from, and unfortunately, On the other hand, games provide a precise sense of competence, inventing strategies, making decisions, choosing freely, and linking to other playlists in the virtual space. Most of all, the lack of social contact with today's children is so much more important that parents have let their children play, play on the playground, ride their bicycles in the open, they can't even go here today. Of course, the sense of competence, freedom, and socialization that comes with playing games will never be as if it were in the real world, but it's no wonder that these or more of these things make you so interested in video games. to create situations where the child can survive. We can also do parenting to ask us to teach our games how they feel about something. Teach ourselves self-regulation, experience the negative consequences of playing with so many games. Eyal advises us not to turn off the machine, but to teach him to turn it off. If the parent is able to manage things in the right direction and proportions, he or she will be more empowered, because their relationship with the child will change.
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