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Help, no kid eating meat!

Help, no kid eating meat!

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Many parents are concerned that their child's nutrition cannot be called balanced. What if we do not belong to our favorite bride and groom?

Ideally, a baby should be fed exclusively with breast milk for six months (due to proper formula). After that, the little one slowly gets to know the different meals, and during the recharge, between 6-9 months, the introduction of the meat is included among the suggestions.

Fat snacks

Since the iron content brought about in the uterus is exhausted by this time, it is important that the flesh that provides iron fattening is always on the baby's diet. THE cooked, cooked and fried in breadcrumbs, mixed into dishes we offer it to the baby. Let's first introduce you to chicken meat, and then you can taste the other meat (beef, pig, porcupine, turkey, salmon and liver). hъst) eat it, or even taste it often? It is important to know that there are many reasons behind this (individual sensation, illness, toothache, etc.).

Don't eat meat?

Unfortunately, my experience is that eating and eating is a great burden for the parent, who has to start with guilt and often with his own anger besides worrying (starving fish / iron deficiency / not enough white etc.). One thing is certain: eating food and eating meat will not produce results, as will the constant tension and circus around the canteens, which will only worsen the situation.

See what you can do with your kid if you refuse to eat meat!

1. Patience!According to experts, birthing mainly causes headaches for parents at the age of 2-3 years, and most of the time it is considered to be the worst of the rearing period, which will sooner or later be considered.2. Trick!As a mother of a (former) beloved child, I can tell you that tricky and thoughtful parents can be very good at tricks.What do we do with the introduction of flesh? Make casserole greens, put them on pizza, cook balls or chops! Most kids love crowns, give it a try! Make meat cream, lime cream or fish cream with your child's favorite spices and small snacks Make your meal more enjoyable!3. Focus on other white springs!Eggs, cheeses or breadcrumbs, yogurt, sour cream (also in sweet versions) are great whole-wheat protein sources. Make sure you have enough of these on your child's lap! Try to make a natural version of what you like for your child with dried or fresh fruits, honey (over 1 year old) or fresh herbs.4. Pay attention to iron intake!If you are concerned that rejecting your meat may cause problems with your iron intake, look for new sources of iron. Don't forget about the proper vitamin C intake (herbs, fruit juices, fruits) that helps iron to be absorbed! Hazelnuts, almonds, whole grains, beans and peas are iron sources that are exemplified by oral products (such as tofu) after 1 year.5. Ask a Dietitian!If you think you may be concerned about your child being asked, ask for a dietetic help as soon as possible! For children who have consistently refused meat, if dairy products and eggs are not solved, careful mixing of the ingredients may be necessary, and you will certainly need some dietary help. With the help of completeness, the ingredients are combined so that it contains all the amino acids in the right combination.Flesh-free, plant-based diets can be balanced, but to do this they must optimally include the following:
  • gyьmцlcsцk,
  • whole grains (or coarseness)
  • hьvelyesek
  • leafy greens
  • oilseeds
  • gabonafйlйk
  • vegetable drinks and milk substitutes
  • fresh herbs
Remember! While you are on the lookout, you may have a medical condition that needs to be diagnosed as a medical task! Iron contributes to normal red blood cell and hemoglobin formation and also contributes to normal oxygenation. Iron plays a role in cell division and vitamin C enhances iron absorption. Iron promotes the cognitive development of children.Dorottya Szarka, dietitian at the Allergy Center in Buda