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3 + 1 educate your tank

3 + 1 educate your tank

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No one is born a good parent, and with the upbringing of our children and careful self-control, we can become a good parent. We should be careful not to kidnap our children, as we may be trapped in our own self-discipline.

1. Falsehood

Whether called innocence, silence of truth, or lying, it is not a good thing to put an end to injustice. Especially if we do it all in the family. It is useless to try to persuade our child to be truthful if we take this rule daily against ourselves. Do you know the phrases "If you don't come out, I'll leave you here!" but it is more profitable for the long run to be flat. The best choice is to be honest with the child, because "hazugsбgaink"You can turn against us at any time. However, if we are a little more patient with it, you will understand the situation and let us know that you can trust us.

2. Bribing and bargaining

We are repeatedly in a position to we want our child to behave well in a situation. It could be your lady's family visit, a family lunch, a friendly visit, and let's just say, "if you behave nicely now, you'll give me a small gift." The consequence of this educational method may be that a child will only behave well if he or she is rewarded with something in advance. Forget a inciting bribesand try to influence the child's senses. "I'll be very proud of you if you don't believe in the big one." And, of course, we shouldn't hide ourselves when we're disappointed: "I'm sad that you have reprimanded your neighbor's cat again for visiting."

3 + 1 Educational Tank (Photo: Europress)

3. Inconsistency

Probably one of the most common parenting mistakes we can make, kцvetkezetlenek there are thousands of things we can do. If there is no agreed-upon principle of raising a child in the family, do not be surprised that you can eat pancakes before the big lunch, and if you have just a father at home, you can have pancakes all day. Likewise, let's not be surprised that we try to sleep our toddler at 8 o'clock unsuccessfully if we did it between 9 and 10 o'clock in the past few days. Because of this inconsistency, your child may feel uncertain about how long he or she can go, because what he or she can do without responsibility one day can be considered a serious accident. We also try to require other adults in the family to be consistent in the most important things (eating, studying, sleeping), which is in the best interest of the child.

+1 Threatening ahead

There are times, but many times in our mouth, that "if you don't stop hysterics right now, there will be no storytelling tonight." Didn't you happen? But this is also a very bad parenting bunny. The child does not even remember why he is being sentenced to bed at night, after going to bed for several hours. We need to try to get our child to face the consequences of his actions as soon as possible. bьntetйsenot to take the daily gambling but to take the bucket and explain to him why he did wrong.Related articles in parenting:
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