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Better placebo?

Better placebo?

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No doubt, we're drug addicts! Every one of us gets a pill, a dime, a syrup and a capsule. Although it is not a harmless thing to do medicine, sometimes we may think better than what we believe in as a medicine.

The placebo effect has always excited the researcher, no more or more of the more interesting experiments. For example, in patients with chronic pain and mild depression, German doctors try something new: placebo.
According to a study by the German Medical Society, pills that do not contain the real medicine are often more effective than the pills, which is why doctors are more likely to have to use the method. In contrast, according to American and British protocols, the use of placebo without the patient's consent is unethical. Placebo tablets contain additives, such as sugars, flour, and some doctors use vitamins and herbs for this purpose.
Dr. Peter Scriba Placebo has been shown to have no adverse side effects and may be the last hope for patients suffering from a condition for which there is currently no effective treatment available. Most useful in cases of mild nervousness, depression, chronic inflammation, pain, and asthma.
It is known that placebo often produces a physiological effect, which may be due to the brain reacting like a real substance in the body - the brain has simply learned how to react to a given substance. Placebo can be surprisingly effective in cases where the disease has a subjective component, such as for the detection of pain, but also for similar degrees of efficacy in non-malignant bones or tumors. If effective treatment is available, placebo is contraindicated and it may be better to say it is unethical.
The result of the examination is shared by the experts. Ted Kaptchuk (Harvard University), for example, points out that there are probably other rules in the United States than in Germany, because patients in the United States should be completely clear about the treatment (which, in effect, precludes the use of placebo) it takes a little lies.
Baby Room:
Can we use placebo in children?
Sometimes there are examples. Especially when the little one has learned that adults lose something, if they have a problem, they are something. In a sense, placebo is counted as low-reading poems, kisses on wound patches, or even excitement, no bigger "spoon remedy" for sparkling syrup, something sweet, fragrant.
Are some natural healing procedures also based on the placebo effect? If you are interested in the answer, read this!
It is also one of the favorite arguments of skeptics!


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