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Csуkay: There is no alternative to losing one child

Csуkay: There is no alternative to losing one child

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Nowhere in the world have the Bangalian Siamese twins been selected, except for a Hungarian medical team. The first one is over, which has been successful.

The first and most important operations were successfulTHE Dr. Csуkay Andrбs, dr. Gergely Pataki йs dr. Hudb Istvn was the only medical team in the world to work on the selection of Siamese twins from their heads in Bangladesh. The intervention is not dangerous and not a single operation. The team and, of course, the Bangladeshi kids and their family are far from the first to succeed. András Csуkay told the ATV that the twins are good, the hardest part of the series of exercises, and he practices every day to best perform the interventions he had done before. Siamese twins should look the same as the twin friends of Bangladesh.Gergely Pataki has been in Bangladesh for the sixth time with a mission mission to which Chuqay joined. There they met the Siamese twins. At first, according to the brain, the MR image was terribly scary, and then he said, "I was praying for God to give me some thought. Did you give us the bad luck so far, trying to get them across the board? - he added. He then involved Chief Physician István Hudák, who is a world-famous professional. He has developed a new thing in cerebral dysfunction, the essence of which is to approach critical points in a vernacular way, not through art. The artwork has a thicker wall and less chance of being punctured. The brain surgeon said: "From there, he sent pictures of twins to István Hudák, and the chief physician opted for the operation. The first operation was to select the blood vessels, which, according to Doctor Csúkay, was the most recent." The next step is for Gergely Pataki, who will put on a plastic wound in April, and then the final selection will be done in the fall. he said: the head doctor had already stated at the beginning that there was no such thing, and that it could not be triggered.Related articles from Siam twins:
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