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Stomach: 5 Things Every Parent Should Know

Stomach: 5 Things Every Parent Should Know

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We help you to say that you just have a little stomach or something serious.

Stomach: 5 Things Every Parent Should Know

Once, every mother experiences what it is like to have her baby in front of her and say, "Mom, head on my stomach." Most of the time, fortunately, pain is self-absorbed, but sometimes there is a more serious problem in the back. But how can we tell which one you are?Dr. Deborah Goldman, children's gastroenterologic tips will help.

1. Gastric ulcer does not have the flu

THE gastrointestinal bйlhurutot, or otherwise called gastroenteritis, is most often caused by a virus. Usually you will have diarrhea, possibly vomiting and hot flushes. Within three days, without healing by a doctor, he heals himself. However, it is important that the child is in this situation lots of fluids If you find blood in your small, possibly fainting blood, your symptoms do not improve after 5 days, have a very high fever, or show signs of dryness (dry lips, decreased urine, palpitation),

2. Can develop in children with stomach

We tend to think that stomach, that is reflux (gastroesophageal reflux, GERD) can occur only in adults, although it is very common in children. Unfortunately, it is difficult to recognize, especially in very young children, but vomiting is often a symptom. It can also be suspicious if your child complains of sour water in his mouth, often with tongue or upper stomach pain. Changes made to your meal can also help. In case of stomach, you should avoid soda ash, orange, tomato and spicy foods as well as medicines containing ibuprofen which may irritate your small stomach.

3. Constipation also often causes pain

Common cause of stomach a szйkrekedйs too. In this case, add more fibrous food to the baby, maybe 100% apple or plum juice.If we experience blood bleeding, then there may be a more serious problem in the backyard, so pay attention! If constipation persists for a long time, it may also indicate a more serious problem eg. diarrhea, thyroid dysfunction, or other disease.

4. 8 glasses of water daily are required

Proper fluid intake is very important, and not only in the case of established gastroenteritis, but also in maintaining a healthy state of mind. Fluid consumed by the child 50% of it should be pure water. It is best to avoid carbonated drinks, other sugary drinks, including fresh fruit juices, fresh water and sports drinks. Too much sugar can cause stomach upset - not to mention diabetes over the long term and other health issues.

5. You may have more than one smooth stomach

Fortunately, a single stomach can easily be ruled out at home, but it is important to pay attention to how long it lasts and what other symptoms it is. Acute pain may indicate inflammation of the lower right side of the abdomen and in such a case requires immediate medical examination. " Prolonged or repeated abdominal pain may indicate food allergy, lymphatic infections, parasitic infections, or lactose intolerance. call the pediatrician!
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