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How to breastfeed twins?

How to breastfeed twins?

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This time, experienced twin mom Oyeyele Monika reads about the exciting adventure of breastfeeding for twins.

Anyone who has tried it knows that there are three things that are needed for the twins to be breastfeeding: patience, patience, and patience. Anyone who has not tried, or even seen, can not imagine the kind of person they have tried, freaked out, aroused, and at the same time, filled with pride and happiness to nurture their newborn twins.
It is also possible, of course, that sensations of the senses occur only months later, when you have some sort of order, or simply become accustomed to a complete lack of order. And breastfeeding is really "raised to the top" because one has to deal with two babies, twice as long as they both breastfeed ...
For me, it was different the most learned nursing experiences the following were:
1. Flexibility: Nothing should be strictly planned in advance;
2. be trusted in the baby and in our own milk-producing abilities, not give up quickly, and be fed formula;
3. It must now be recognized that there are two different people who may have different needs;
4. Only accept the help, advice, or follow the one I ask for!
For me, my reading, our guardian, and our pediatrician have reported the greatest help. Fortunately, they did not want to shed weight - which may have been childish and unnecessary - nor to suggest formula or to break my confidence. Even with the rigors of refusing to give me milk from bottles, I was still convinced. If the baby could not suck at the same time, or if I had to go somewhere, my husband would drink a man who was not breastfeeding. They learned to drink a glass in one day!

Twins are not simple, but everything can be solved

Our Lady of Violence has not violated our order, and if one or the other has given birth to a breastfeeding time, she has not frightened me, she has not told me to wake up, but she is you develop well, sleep, eat whenever you want.

Bad advice

The sick, well-meaning or, in most cases, less well-known few relatives and acquaintances are either having a bloody debate, or enthusiastically saying that they will not have enough milk, and, at any rate, at home, it does the opposite of everything. I chose the latter one because I was simply too tired to argue.
In principle, I also agreed with the Adventist Lady's Council, and this great agreement over the first few weeks and months with the carcass fell proportionately where it grew. Of course I know she was right with the recommended breastfeeding recommendation, but it wasn't always easy to follow.
In the townhouse - where I was not lucky enough to go to a baby-mom's room - if the babies were hungry, if not, they made it easy for them to suck at the same time for a total of twenty minutes. Of course, there were no twenty minutes of breastfeeding like other "normal" babies, but together - I think in the first few days spent at home, they were accustomed to waking up, sucking and falling asleep at the same time. We also rejoiced at how good, decent little babies are, and we have planned out what we will do with our ample leisure while they sleep.

They were slowly converging

Then he started on the fifth day: Femi my son became abdominal, strained, screamed, and did not help with edible tea, the variety of drops, or my self-denial diet, although every puffy effect brought about a great deal of victory. She woke up late at night, she cried her cousin, her neighbors (one of them noticeably stating that my children had a voice like an African puppy), she wanted to breastfeed and didn't stop until morning.
Remi but he had no stomach, but he did not want to sleep alone, and he thought that if he woke up, he would suckle a nurse ... but then he had to nurse, because if his brother had not been to his next there), he also boycotted the place, which he expressed with a nasty shout, for the lips and the neighbors' little pity.
For a couple of days, the basic premise looked like Femi kept calling me, sometimes a little yelping to break this state while Remi was sleeping in her father, and sometimes joined me for a meal. At that time, I learned how to sleep well and relieve the pain in the back with intense neck twitching and twitching (only important that no one can see it). This meant that our babies woke up consistently, which wouldn't have been a problem, but not at once, but for example, Remi woke up at two in the morning, suckled at three, then Femi woke up the next day, and so on. However, it was a bit tiring for me (at least not screaming) after the stomach, but when I started to slip away completely from fatigue, and the boys were three months old and tired.
The first waking baby was rocking, zigzagging, tickling for three minutes every day before I started breastfeeding. He received this for the first time (for two days) with a terrible scream, and then, after experiencing that there was nothing but bloody blood, no long hunger, accepted it. However, I woke up the tiny little wake-up man three minutes before his usual time and breastfeeded him. Interestingly, he did not resent this at all.
After a few days, the dates came together, and from then on, in the greatest agreement, firmly in each other's hands (ears, hair), they sucked all at once until they were fifteen months old, when I just stopped by deciding because I hadn't bothered me with the ever growing tummy tuck where the little brothers grew up ...
But this is another story.
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