"Kнvбnуs" baby

"Kнvбnуs" baby

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This time we did not mean special food combinations, but all kinds of desires! It really changed how much my mother wanted to have sex.

There are people who, from the very first moment until the end of breastfeeding, go out of their way to make love, but many experience the opposite. The lower abdominal fatigue combined with the condition makes them particularly keen on the subject and, in addition, the orgasm can be longer and deeper as a result.

There is no need to keep in touch during pregnancy

Fortunately, today doctors do not prohibit sex during pregnancy, only if the blood is threatened by bleeding or threatened abortion. In all other cases, it is only the dad who needs to be convinced that penetration is not harmful to the baby, since he / she is placed in the womb and the amniotic fluid Bacterial Fluorobacter is well known. But with the orgasm, the good fetuses are not dangerous to the fetus, as they are quite different from those responsible for the onset of childbirth.
There are babies who, along with their moms, get upset, fall silent after the climax, and on the contrary, stand up, kick, squirm. Both of them are completely natural and there is no indication that the baby is having a disturbing sexual relationship with his parents. Sхt! When a pregnant mother is happy, blood hormones begin to circulate in the blood that make the fetus more pleasant.
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