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Unfortunately, even the youngest may have asthma. In Hungary, asthma is affected by 1.5% of all cases. Among children, the incidence is still less than one percent, but the number of patients continues to grow.


Clinical signs of asthma are well recognizable: seizures in the form of seizures, which are open, spiny with a sparkling glare, and not with a flare. Not a typical symptom, but asthma is also characterized by spastic coughing, especially if it occurs after active movement or running.
If your toddler is breathing not only because of an infectious disease he or she has just undergone, but also after a very cold run, it is worth making sure that it is not caused by asthma. The difference between asthma and different asthma is that asthma has always been a problem with asthma.

Asthma does not bother children either


Thorough examination is needed, the basic part of which is to look for and / or treat allergic background. Exclusion, since asthma in young children accounts for 90% of all cases of detectable allergy in the background of the disease. (Detection of an allergy by the skin would be the simplest, but only 3 years of age can give reliable results with an allergen-specific IgE test.)
The other essential part of the examination is the examination of the flame functions. In asymptomatic children, measured normal data, normal debating capacity, but after active movement - think of post-stroke asthma - the exhaled air flow rate is about 20% less than the load before exercise. For this reason, the children are invited to a physical examination.
Measurement is difficult to perform in children under the age of 6, as children at this age may not always be able to cooperate with the examining physician.

The disease

Asthma in asthma is not caused by the difficulty of breathing but by the difficulty of breathing. It is difficult to inhale because there is no room for fresh air in the breathing heat or because the airways are obstructed. It is caused by swelling of the epidermis due to inflammation of the asthma and the spinal cord of the muscles.
Anxiety is further exacerbated by the higher chest pressure required to exhale, which is why an asthmatic person cannot properly expel his / her exhausted air.
Asthma inflammation is similar to tonsillitis, but it deepens and heals much more slowly. The cataract, which is characteristic of cataracts, further narrows the larynx.

Correct breathing

Knowing the causes of asthma asthma provides some important information that is essential for the proper management of an asthma attack.
The worst thing a patient - a child and an adult - can do is forceful inhalation, gasping for breath, as there is a stumbling block to breathing. The situation is aggravated by the fact that thirst induces an asthmatic person to breathe. Therefore, you must consciously learn how to get enough fresh oxygen from your asthma lungs. With all kinds of nervousness and rush, it is most important to calm the baby down with his parents.
We can't expect the little one to consciously relax, but you can tell them to breathe. In no way encourage them to breathe and breathe. You can try to slowly and steadily out with the baby, take a breath, and be encouraged to follow us.
The best posture is in supine position, or when the upper body is supported by a cushion and the child is in an upright position.


The treatment of asthma is primarily aimed at the elimination of hernias and inflammation. In addition to the anti-inflammatory drugs, symptomatic treatment is important when using an inhaled emergency medicine, possibly inhaled. It starts to take effect in a matter of seconds. In addition, there are assistive devices that deliver the drug directly to the lungs. There are also asthma medications for tablets.


Children with asthma should be especially careful not to stay in a smoking environment as this can cause a lot of damage. However, children with asthma should not be restricted in their exercise. Exercise as clean as possible in the open air, exercise, and from a very young age, exercise is very good.