Symptoms and treatment of mental disorders in children

Symptoms and treatment of mental disorders in children

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During impotence disorders, disturbances of developmental areas (such as fine motor skills or speech) are reported. About 10 percent of children suffer from mental disorders and boys are four times more likely than girls.

Symptoms and treatment of mental disorders in children

The problem may be fatal or the result of damage to the brain tissue due to oxygen deficiency, bruising, bleeding or cancer as the child develops brain. In certain areas of development the child may remain behind even if he or she receives less study stimulus so that you can exercise your brain function according to age. most often only in school age let's stopwhen the child falls short of the requirements.

Speech disorder

Speech disorder occurs when the child experiences differences in the following areas (not necessarily the same): - The child often he cannot understand what he heard. Passive's treasure is limited.
- The child's active scarcity is limited, which makes it difficult to name the things that are already known.
- In case of dysgrammatism, the child the sentences often with incorrect grammar kйpzi. The boys show about three percent dysgrammatism in the first grade.
- The child unable to correctly form sounds or voice connections; this is dyslalb hebegйsnek nevezzьk. Before school, all children were affected by about five percent, boys twice as often as girls. In case of speech disorder, speech therapyafter hearing disorders were precluded by accurate examination. If your speech disorder depends on other disabilities, further measures such as ergotherapy or pediatric treatment may be needed.

Reading-correctness weakness

It is a typical mental disorder reading-correctness weakness (legasthenia), which is exclusively about reading and reading. Legasthenia is seen in about three to five children and is significantly more common in boys than in children.Disorder is usually considered a problem only in school age, and obesity in nine-twelve-year-olds. Either in combination, isolated reading, or correct reading disturbances or weaknesses. The child does not read well in isolated reading disorder and reads many mistakes, or reads fluently but does not understand what he or she is reading. This type of reading disorder is rooted in early childhood speech development. The affected children had trouble recognizing and learning words, words and letters when speaking. This is a kind of disturbance to the phonological consciousness. It can now access the beszйdfejlхdйs disturbance folytatуdik helyesнrбsi zavarkйnt the school бltalбnos elsх osztбlyбban when нrбstanulбs sorбn learned the sounds szуban йs words should contact hozni.A Legasthenie reason feltehetхleg tцbb tйnyezх цsszegzхdйse betыkkel which valуszнnыleg цrцklцtt tйnyezхk (vйlhetхleg the tenth йs the tizenцtцdik kromoszуma disturbance) also play a role. Legasthenia can also be associated with other, subtle and severe motor disturbances, as well as emotional developmental disabilities. secondary disordersDepression, anxiety, reluctance to school, headaches, and lack of confidence can also occur. Therefore, these secondary disorders should be taken into account in the diagnosis of legasthenia. Each diagnosis requires an intelligence test, and at least a reading and orthosis test. If the child is diagnosed with stenosis, the diagnosis should be discussed in detail with the parents, the child himself and (especially the school) environment. Similarly, secondary disorders that need to be addressed simultaneously with the treatment of legasthenia should be addressed. It is recommended to visit small groups (2-4 people) of legasthenia trening twice a week.

Accounting weakness (dyscalculia)

In addition to speech, the most common areas are sensation and alertness. In the case of dyscalculia numbers and groups of numbers cannot be sorted, add, subtract, or divide.

Visual motor malfunction

There was a problem we could not draw the sketched figures draw the kids themselves.

Lack of comment

Objects cannot be returned by children in the correct order when disorder of note experience with the child. Management optionsTreatment options vary according to the type of impairment.


It deals with speech and phonetic disturbances. The speech therapist may perform the treatment individually or in small groups. The focus of the treatment is on speech development in public games or action situations, including the development of active and passive deafness, the creation and development of sounds, and, where appropriate, the improvement of grammar.


Helps with severe and subtle motor impairment, focusing and learning problems. Ergotherapy improves motor skills and sensory function, promotes concentration and increases self-confidence.


It aims to improve the ability to learn and socialize, and to enable the child to integrate better in society. Helps with reading and spelling weaknesses, speech problems and speech disorders.


With exercise and coordination promotes the development of coarse and fine motor areas of the brain as it is closely related to the motor. It has been used successfully in cases of poor motor motor development and body coordination disorders, bodily function, and speech and behavioral disorders. It improves coordination, focus, speech development and social behavior as it is always in the context of group therapy. Source: Dr. med. Helmut Keudel-Dr. med. Barbara Capelle Pediatrics c. kцnyve
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