Robbie Williams chose her family

Robbie Williams chose her family

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Robbie Williams was invited to the Olympic Games closing ceremony, but since they were expecting their baby for those days, he did not do the honorable task.

The source of the article and the image is mirror.co.uk

The 38-year-old singer David Bowie would have written 1971 Life on Mars at the finale. The invitation was accepted, and several attempts were made when Robbie abruptly resigned. The reason: his wife, Ayda Field, is giving birth to their baby during the time of the ceremony.
The organizers were faced with an almost insurmountable task, as this event is one of the biggest crowds in English music this year. Of course, it is understood that family is more important to Robbie, and he is being criticized for not announcing earlier that he will not accept the invitation. The star had announced on her blog in March that she was having a baby, and soon the readership had learned that Robbie and Ayda would be the first baby to be born.
The three-year-old star of the star said: "I'm afraid I'm not as good a dad as I should be. I'm terribly shy and don't care about anyone myself. So far, I've always done what I wanted and when I wanted to."
The situation has already changed. Springtime speaks to almost every prospective baby and her life revolves around family. There is nothing more justifiable about this than giving up the Olympics, which was planned for many millions of years ago. Source for this article and image: mirror.co.uk


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