Baby, then flask and baby againHow did I become a kid?

Baby, then flask and baby againHow did I become a kid?

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Rita was still a juvenile when she gave birth to her first baby. He hadn't thought that the big family was going to be destined for it. And he wouldn't have thought he'd be expecting a baby again soon after the flask program


Rita Baranyai (40) is the secretary of the board
Hobby: theater, cinema, concerts
Favorite band: Pyramid
His head: Police investigator Gyula Baranyai (44)
Hobby: gardening, hanging out with friends, going out
Favorite cuisine: Italian
Children: Klaudia Bуdi (21), Anna Baranyai (19), Csenge Baranyai (6), József Baranyai (5)One would think that such an accident can only result in such an accident so early, but not! Rita had begun to get pregnant very early.

Photo: Tucsek Tünde

“I was twelve years old when I decided to have a child as soon as possible. When I was a teenager, I used to look young, and fortunately I was thirteen when my baby was born, so I could have babies. I've always loved children. I met my previous husband sixteen years ago, and soon moved in with his parents, married, and barely died at the age of eighteen when my first baby was born. I wasn't afraid at all, so I felt like I was born for it. Everything went by itself for a year or two, but my relationship broke down, mainly because it came to her that she still didn't live enough, so I went to have fun with my parents. Claudia was a moron, and I had to work to support myself. In 1995, thanks to my parents' good fortune, we managed to get a small apartment in the city center, and I moved in with Diva, who was raised by myself. We didn't have much contact with my father, even though Dia's grandmother tried to get her out of bed.
- How did you bear the challenges of being a single mother?
- It wasn't easy at all. One because I too was young, I was on a greater holiday than was possible with a child. Keeping an eye on the "big world" was not an easy task either. But my parents have always been of great help to me, and Dia has been with us a lot. Being such a prematurely born child changed my life because it was not easy to date, not to mention the fact that men are more likely to have a divorced, reluctant child. It turned out that I was able to get to know someone I had lived with for three years, but not without hesitation, mainly because of the child. Х somehow he was out of touch, just seeing my child, and a lot of trouble, quarreling, so the relationship ended.
- Then you didn't know your current husband very much…
- He understood me much better, and fully accepted then-dude. He may have been of such a nature, but it may have been revealed that he was divorced, even with a child, the then eight-year-old Ann, whom he had not raised but twice a week. We went out a lot to go out and on holidays, and we tried to organize more public programs to get the kids together. We will move in 2000 to see if we can go together. My daughter's adolescence made life harder, and then there was a lot of controversy, but in hindsight, I see a lot of things that my brother was right about. I was too biased and lenient. He tried to help me make the decisions, but I didn't always listen to him.
The kid can come!
After two years of living together, we would have liked to have a kid together. After a year, I seemed to have been waiting for you not to attend, so we took part in various exams to find out what the problem might be. Nothing was found, the time passed, and at the suggestion of my doctor, we visited the Cable Institute, where the first implantation was done, but she did not become a baby. I was getting tense, but we didn't give up, and a couple of months later we started again. Then in the summer of 2004 it was a complete success, and she gave birth to a baby with a cesarean section.
- What did Kaludia bring to the baby?
Happiness was great, but my great-great-granddaughter soon realized that she had less attention, less time than before. He started to roll around, shut up in school, and we had three hard times with him. He loved the bell, babusgatta, and helped a lot. But it wasn't easy to steer you away. I explained in vain, talked, forbidden, had no conception. Then he got married to a boy he still has with him. I feel like we were lucky though, she's always on her way!
You shouldn't really want it!
- How did a mom with three kids suddenly become a flask program again?
- It's not half a year since I gave birth to Csenge, when I complained to my mother during baby-feeding that I'm feeling so sick now, I'm weak, tired, maybe I should go for an exam because something's wrong. He looked at me, and the moms said with all eyes, "Rituque, you're pregnant!" I told her that she was completely excluded because she knew the story of what we were going through ... Even when I called my previous doctor a couple of days later, she said I was 7 weeks pregnant!
- This is such a surprising turn!
- I did not believe my son, I rushed to announce the big news to my son. It was so incredible that it could have happened! It was a shock of barely a year of age! But the infinite happiness that our second common child conceived naturally, overrides any worries! I am now certain that stress caused me to have dams. After all, I just wondered why the baby wouldn't come! When Csenge was born, the pressure went away, I didn't go further, and it may have happened that I was pregnant on a natural day.
- At Zuffi's birth, the big farm started!

Claudia is at the end of the other world

- It wasn't easy, sure! We also lived in Budapest on the sixth floor of a one-storey house, where there was an elevator until the fifth. We started looking for a garden house, so we moved to Veresegyhaza, where we still live today. My grandmother was very crazy about the "newcomer". Klaudia signed me down, started working, very good relationship, helped me a lot while I was expecting the smallest. Then in 2009, Klaudia took the lead with "Austrian adventure." To tell you the truth, I thought, even though your friend's brother lives in Sydney, it still remains a dream. Then I just realized that this is serious and really going away! He's been talking about being there. Klaudia works, learns the language, and learns to put her in position. It just wouldn't be that far! She's sorely missed by the little ones, well, me! Since fire is a time lag, we can only talk on weekends, but I wouldn't miss any money.
What was the success?
1. A co-worker who is accepted, loves children, and has great family responsibilities.
2. The cruel endeavor was replaced by the tranquility of peace, the birth of a baby. It was so easy to get hold of it again!