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It can't be a child's day every day ...

It can't be a child's day every day ...

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This is what my parents often said if I wanted three instead of the usual two-button ice cream or when I was up against my pajamas. And really, childhood day was just because it was so much more than it used to be.

When I was a little girl, the house was a huge thing here in Szentendre. It was a blend of the city’s big-name, ex-pretzels, cotton candy, concerts and all sorts of awesome amusement park items; from dodgem to mini waveguide. And, of course, there were the men who made clothes, jewelry, and toys for the celebrating public. A comparative festival was held every year on Children's Day; and kids' concerts. We agreed with our moms that we could always choose something delicious in the house and add to the games we wanted, but we didn't want it. That was the choice of a child's day. Little did we realize it was difficult for us to comply? this rule, we loved the mini-amusement banter in the house and enjoyed the fact that it was always "surprised" on children's day. something. But around the age of 10, when I ran around my house, I saw a baby. Because you couldn't ask for anything at the fair, we always looked stealthily at the booths, but we never really wanted to get lost in them. But this baby scolded me, shouting my name from afar, and I felt I had to take it home with me, the packed pink dust bag, toy cleaners, and the mini porter.It can't be a child's day every day While my sister was pretending to pretend to be on the adjacent bench, I was getting to the baby. I was looking through the box as he was imitating the smiling plastic doll in the pictures. At this point, the arab was born to me, I got it and rushed back to the baby, rushed back to the bench. When moms sat beside us on the picnic table, I realized that I was somehow still my puppy is over the baby. I barely waited for everyone to run out of lemonade glasses and run out of pretzels, then grabbed my mother's hands and pulled them to my bar. . With a smile on his face, he listened to the product introduction, knowing exactly what the games were going for. She turned the box around, asked how much the baby cost the baby, said goodbye, and put it back in with the rest of the games. I asked my husband how much I was going to do and how many times I cleaned up the iron cage, I used the year's old certificate, but Mom just squatted in front of me with a calm calmness. or now because of it. But please remember we have an agreement. Today you live, here, have a good time playing games. Just a couple of weeks, baby day is coming, we'll be here again, and then you can have the baby, will you? - he said and hesitated.I would have just been alive, because my brain was preceded by a childish defiance, I pushed myself away, started to cry, and then and there terribly angry I was a mom. I collapsed my eyes, tried the durcit, and for the next three days with this face and I'm not talking to you? but my last Sunday came sooner than I thought. We get excited about the bustle of childhood. Moms gave the money to the baby and my sister had the same value in choosing the baby. I ran to the bar so that my schoolteacher surely couldn't believe it. I was looking for the baby, but I didn't buy it at first, and the teardrop from the corner of my eye was already overflowing. When I finally saw the pink box on the bag, I felt the sun shine even brighter. All day I was looking around the box and waking up, and when we got home, I also went to bed with the baby. For a moment, I was 10 years old and stood in front of the play stand at the children's day fair. I couldn't even buy a toy doll. I let her give it to my baby once. She was born with two little boys. The babies aren't really interested in them. Robots, doubles and small cars are more. And I have to, I didn't have to buy the games for them, because I thought how cool they would be or how good they would be. I know that I was on fire. Then I really said how badly, but how badly I did it when my older son received his gifts almost completely on his third birthday. It was as if he was immune to something - ьhьm ?, ьhьm? all we heard was not awkward or buzzing as packing paper drops off my gifts? And then I realized what kind of value it was I didn't get everything just like that, first time. That my parents set the rules and I had something to do with it. How I was able to write down what I have and what I got, and child's day was indeed a child's day, with all its special magic.More interesting articles by Anna:
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