Ticks, neglect The 4 most important precautions

Ticks, neglect The 4 most important precautions

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You don't have to be scared of ticks, but you don't have to be cautious as they spread a wide variety of diseases and only one can be prevented by a timely, three-shot vaccination.

Obviously, it is not possible to live in a shell, and it is also possible to go out and park without safety equipment. Some good advice is worth taking:

1. Always pay attention to the use of closed clothing, not to leave the toes bare. Put the socks on the trousers because, contrary to the belief in the tummy, the ticks do not jump from the top of the cock, but are pushed from below. If there is no gap in the shield, it will be harder for you to target. Therefore, in the woods, in the fields, in the parks with bushes, it is worth wearing long loungewear in summer. It is also advisable to put the hood in the pants.
2. You can wash your clothes and exposed skin with different tear-jerking aerosols, but be aware that these will only last for a while, cause more headaches, and can make children allergic.
3. Give the little ones a lightweight cap, preferably one that protects the neck. It is better to have a bright color, so it is easy to spot the fuzz.
4. The shorter the time the animal spends in the skin, the less the risk of infection.
When you return home, don't wait until the evening cleans, but immediately check the ticks, that is, check all the family members of the deceased. Special attention is paid to the bends (over, waist, elbows, dying, knees), because here they can hide unnoticed - advises dr. Lac Andrabs are infectious candidates. More information: www.kullancs.hu


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