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Insomnia during pregnancy

Insomnia during pregnancy

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Lots of pregnant women complain that they can't sleep and often wake up during pregnancy. What can we do to prevent insomnia if there is no more comfortable pillow and warm milk before going to bed?

Most pregnant women - especially in the third trimester of pregnancy - suffer from sleep: they wake up the pee or stomach at night, and they can't stay comfortably ... they are struggling with more severe insomnia (estimated to be typical of this woman). Anesthetics are generally not recommended during pregnancy, but then what is worth trying?A lot of my little ones can't relax

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Can Help

The essence of cognitive behavioral therapy conducted by a specialist is that negative, retarded thoughts and behavioral patterns that contribute to insanity are "exchanged" and replaced by habits. The first fun effects of therapy can be experienced after a few weeks. In the case of a recurrence, the recurrence of sleep disorders should not generally be considered. Easily integrate some elements of therapy into your weekday!
  • Watch how much we sleep! One of the basic strategies of proper sleep hygiene is to lie down and get up at the same time every day. This may seem difficult at first, but as time goes by, waking up and falling asleep will be much easier. It's a good idea to take a regular nap, even with paper and pencil, and with apps that you can download to your smartphone.
  • The bed is used only for sleep, rest, sex! If our brains learn that the brain is full of exciting, intriguing things, like living here, working or playing on our smartphone, then it will be harder to relax and get to sleep.
  • Let's get ready for sleep! Let's think about the problems we face every night and try to deal with them. If we thirst often, let us put a glass of water beside the bed; if we wake up to freezing, let's prepare extra blankets.
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