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What is most difficult in motherhood

What is most difficult in motherhood

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What is most difficult in motherhood

When you have no children, they are there instead your wild romantic ideas, your imagery, that you invest in having a baby. Cute clothes, deliciously glamorous little, usefully filled with yoke. You will also be a mother yourself and confronted with a currency that you can't even imagine with my girlfriends on chilly-wild Instagram and Facebook photos. That the excitement is not equal to the glorious mother of the sun, the professional photographer who brings out the true Venus. Because, before retouching, you may also notice that he has an ankle swelling in the middle, he even fights exclamations that his eyes are ringed by insomnia caused by night-time vulgaris.Beautify the great challenge of motherhood with pregnancy, followed by maternal physical pain, physical complaints. To whom less, to whom is more intensely present. No secret, there are some who are dealing with these kinds of, relatively long-lasting physical injuries for the first 9 months. By the fact that tummy can be a physical burden. That due to regular medical exams, blood tests, check-ups, it is necessary to frustrate the health. That tensioning the belts, tummy tucks, and nausea can make work impossible and routine tasks. That fatness, the hormones overpower the body with sinful force. The baby you hang out with is born, but the baby stroller and the baby carrier are not too romantic, they do not sleep, they do not sleep, they do not sleep. Day in and day out, you lose your mind, you spend your free time, "quit" the hair wash, release your breasts, your graceful arms. He wants you, you are the world to him. Three months may have abdominal cramps, followed by motion sickness for several months, dental victories. And you are there for him, of course, but you can feel right that an Arabian free cook is all that will never end. A crazy dozen times will wake you up at night, and you can't leave it because you are tired. Against you and the world. You throw the yogurt cup in the sink, the little spoon in the trash, you're not so much yourself. You forget important dates, you have no idea what's going on in your life, you don't get to the daily cheese and news, and often even to upload. But you're doing it because your in-house program dictates. the great spiritual distress of motherhood, especially with the first child. That motherhood gets very few reports today of an average young woman not wrapped in cotton candy clouds. You make it easy for this struggling person - right for you - to be alone in what you bring out of your child's years at home without help. Whether you need to be aware that "that" cough is what the doctor wants, or if the mother is dying and caring for you. It is up to you to tell whether the suspicious silence will go into the room and that you will be licking the baby in the bed just in time. Life, the days you left behind, the months, the years, the experience train you so much so that you can look back at where you came from. Where did your body come from: because he was able to bounce around with a feeble kid in the dwelling even though he was snapping at his tricked waist. You are able to switch off your brain when you need to pee, when your little one has just fallen asleep on the couch. To wake up from the coolest of minds (or spend 48 hours without sleep if you need to) when the trouble is great. And the mother tiger has grown up in you, too, because you know, with your anxiety, you won't be able to represent your child in advance. It's beautiful, believe me. If you are sometimes fleeing, being helpless, or just being a dude, remember that all of this turns into a child, you can thank him or her for becoming a messy mother. The one that leads to it will be the hardest. Defeat him, fight him, fight him, kill him.
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