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Bratislava Picnic, Cereal Day, Corn Maze, Race Race, and Grooming.

Come on!

Five hectares with 5 kilometers of trails and two meters of corn in the Kishombor border. The largest corn labyrinth in Hungary is made from year to year in Kisombor, Csongrád County. This time, a 5-kilometer maze was cut into the five-hectare (50,000 square meters) corn field. According to you, we cut it because it was designed with millimeters on the millimeter, and in the spring, when the plant was already 20 centimeters high, this year's shape was formed over several days. With the help of a hoe and a waistband, they created wide streets, and in the days, small irregularities were corrected to make the labyrinth a perfect adventure from mid-August to mid-August. The figurative squares, loops and intersections take it around, making it very difficult to get out of the maze. The height of the corn is 2-2.5 meters, the visitors only see the blue sky and the green wall formed by the corn line. With help you get a little bit of a guide, but it's not a simple task.

Picnic in Juliet

A small jewelery box of Budapest, with the Danube bank, a park, a playground, small shops, beautiful houses and, above all, a vibrant public life. The third year is the one-day event for the Bratislava Picnic, which we can't really compare to. Because back to where you would go for a song Lajos Portischwhere do renowned opera operatives sing in the balconies of bar houses, where else are the Bratislava rifle competition and the dog-host anti-mason competition? Nowhere but here. In addition to the many adult programs, you can check out the best numbers in the floor cnmы musical, Noha-Pagony-Briуs Stage you will feel good all day long.
In the meantime, get to know the mood with the help of last year's movie!

Helping you stay a good family

We accepted it many times, and we didn't finish the goal. We are often surprised when we overreact. We often fail to understand why our relationships fail. Why are we being told that no one has killed us? It causes pain when our family members are grieving. And the diseases? Why and why now, when my life itself is harmony? Are you familiar with these suicide requests, psychic games? You have to understand: it is helpful if you really know who you want to be. Kid Spirit helps children and families who need support and guidance at all stages of their lives. That's why the Kid Spirit Parent-Child Development Center has opened. The center awaits children and their parents according to a pre-structured schedule between 9 am and 18 pm, but is also available for all children in the playtime between occupations.

Round Pretzel - Family Cheese Day

The Agricultural Museum is organizing a colorful family day on the 27th at the same time as the great HNR Days. Visitors can learn about cereals, get into wheatgrass, test their sanity, and take part in interesting guided tours of the Hungarian cuisine.
Children can make pictures of themselves, face painting, stained glass, sour flour plasticization. They can grind grain, sift flour, play mill games, color, and felt.


On September 4th, the 26th Nike Budapest International Marathon begins the BSI Fall Winter Season. The day before, and the Metropol International Breakfast in Futon, you can have a little warm-up on Margaret Island. If you are planning a departure but have not yet booked, don't postpone it!