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A 7-course meal that we often give our children

A 7-course meal that we often give our children

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It wouldn't work. On the one hand, the taste buds get used to them, so "normal" foods will not be sensible to them anymore, simply because their bodies are physiologically unsuitable for their reception.

A 7-course meal that we often give our children

1. Fruit juices

Did you know that a glass of fruit can hold 5-6 teaspoons of sugar? This is immediately absorbed into the blood stream, which has an extremely poor effect on the metabolism of carbohydrates. The recommendations are more about supporting the consumption of fresh fruits, but freshly squeezed fruits or smoothies are also a good alternative.

2. Yogurt

In order to choose a healthy yogurt, you need to read the ingredients. We shouldn't buy anything that doesn't need to be refrigerated, and preferably include natural versions over sugary, fruity yogurts!

3. Cereal flakes

Unfortunately, unlike the commercials, which emphasize how healthy cereals are, as they are full of vitamins and fiber, the truth is that these boxes are just full of sugar. Neither can they be said to be lactated or fed, and so our child will be hungry again after he is over. We make more oatmeal with vegetable milk and fruits. For a couple of minutes, we are going to eat a whole but really nutrient-rich food for our kid.

4. Mz

It is forbidden to give baby baby under one year (according to some recommendations) 2 years! In addition to the appearance of allergic reactions, it may hide bacteria that can cause severe botulism.

5. Slough

The grape is very healthy, but there is a very high risk of suffocation in children under 2 years of age if this fruit is used to treat the small. In older children, the fruit is only given, and is exclusively spelled and sliced.

6. Multivitamin

Most kids have no need to refuel, if they have one, we can give them a multivitamin on medical advice, and they can cause us more trouble than we use.

7. Milk shakes

Unless they are made at home, from bananas or other fruits without freshening, it is better to know that they are real sugar bombs, which, when consumed regularly, burden the body as well as store-time bridges.
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