The world's youngest premature parent will now be 3 years old

The world's youngest premature parent will now be 3 years old

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But doctors Courtney Stensrud, who was 21 weeks old and 4 days pregnant, didn't get much fun.

The world's smallest premature baby is three years old (illustration only)

Miraculously, the baby weighed less than 425 grams and was probably the smallest baby in the world today, according to a report published in the journal Pediatrics which was infested with the membrane of the lichen, which was then Stensrud, the mother was immediately transported to the Methodist Children's Hospital in Texas - read on one of the big English family portals. Dr. Kaashif Ahmad neonatologist (neonatologist) told her that her child had very little chance of getting pregnant. At first, the baby was also opposed to Revival. "Although I heard exactly what he was saying, a voice whispered to me," just believe and fuck. " 21 weeks and 4 days, I just didn't know about roula, "he said Stensrud to CNN. "When the neonatologist talked to me, I just asked, can we try it?" Although Ahmad was not at all ready to enter the living room, he still decided to reactivate. "We put him in an incubator, waited for the first signs of life, and for miracles, we heard his heart almost immediately," he says. "We were quick to reanimate, and as the little one got his first oxygen, his voice began to improve in a matter of seconds." "The body of the little blue slowly turned pink and moved in just a few minutes," Ahmad told CNN. "I didn't tell everyone about my soul's story, but to everyone who was, everyone was shocked," Stensrud said. "If there is a mother who is just before childbirth and comes across this news on the Internet, maybe she gives her some faith and hope in our story." , it is important to be aware that babies born before the 22nd week of pregnancy are not usually considered as viable by physicians. At the same time, this unique story can be imagined to make changes to the Hospitals' Early Childhood Reintegration Protocol. Other Interesting Articles in Early Birth:
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