No acid, please!

No acid, please!

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They are everywhere. At the playground, at the pediatrician's call, on the internet forums, at the baby mama gym. Kikerьlhetetlenek. It is our mission to prove their point of view is correct and to make sure that their children are better at everything.

No acid, please! (photo: iStock)You must have been lucky enough to have some real zucchini. Who, with his unflinching "advice" and unflinching opinion, confirmed that you and your meetings would have been the most sore, because you felt like you were a bad mother. Even at weekends, your child is underdeveloped, underdeveloped, mentally retarded, and the minimum to grow up to be a psychopath is all due to your failure to bring up.
Even if you run into such a mother online, you can be sure that you will not get out of it. In the meantime, it won't leave you alone, even though your opinion is a little different from the season. If you give your baby formula, if you sleep in a separate room, if you use a stroller, you will be full and told everything. But if you breastfeed your baby even at the age of two, sleeping in a single bed and carrying her, she will argue with you. The zucchini are they always know everything betterthat are related to children and parenting.
Best of all, the children of this mother are the most wonderful examples of humanity. They are better than the average in everything, and for the last four months or so, we have loosely recited the Anthem. Your child must have not slept when he or she was running. Your child has recognized the benefits of eating at the age of one, even though you are raised on mostly buttered bread and frankfurters. Of course, with your child, there are so many problems with wickedness because you are not tired of it, and you are tired of it because you are either going to work and going back.
Zero acids are best avoided by human souls, but in many cases this is almost impossible. But what can be done then? Are we really letting someone knock us over the ground?
THE humor can help a lot. Most of the time, unexpected reactions will tip you over, "wake up" your interlocutor, and in that case, take back your intrusive style. But it's also important to keep in mind that their mother-in-law is just as much a mother as you are, but they are very are seriously compensated something. If we take this into account, we will be less likely to be angry with them.
In fact, the lack of nutrients in women is when they simply cannot prove their fertility during the years they have spent with the child at home. These moms have had many successful careers, serious mental work for themselves, and they do not book home for them, not for their own challenge. Of course, I didn't mean they weren't tired like any of us. I mean, what you probably feel when you have been home for a while or with your seedlings is that they have been known for years with their tiny children, not for their mental challenges and their diverse tasks. There are some who are going through this period smoothly, and even there are beautiful people who are enjoying it, and many are looking for other impulses besides parenting, and are trying to keep themselves "fresh". But their lack of other challenges make parenting the most important task of their lives, their most important activity. It is understood that you want to get the most out of it and achieve the greatest success possible.
If the closest thing to a cow to such a mother-in-law is, change tactics! Get away from the kids, parenting, try to get to know the woman who is in bezzeanya jacket fights! And if you do not give up on your favorite topic at all, give me some positive feedback to confirm what you think you're doing well. You can break down the walls with a "remarkably well-bred, well-bred boyfriend" or something like that, with a comment confirming the success of your mother's work. And, you know, even after a few months, you realize that the bezzeganyu you avoid for years is not at all immature or arrogant, and you may even be pretty.
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