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Banana SnacksSugar free recipe

Banana SnacksSugar free recipe

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We read our favorite recipes even for the kids. What's especially worth is that you don't even need sugar in it.

Additions of banana snacks:

25 decas of picked bananas
one or two tablespoons of lemon
10 deca butter or margarine
three eggs
20 deca working almonds or diу
15 deca flour
a teaspoon of stew powder


Beat the banana with a fork and then mix with the lemon juice. Mix the butter with the egg yolk, add the banana, the ground almonds and the flour mixed with the roasting powder, then mix well. Then add and carefully whisk in the whites of the egg white.The finished mass is put into small paper muffins with the help of a small spoon and then cooked in the oven for 20 minutes in medium heat. Goodbye to babies, moms, priests!
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