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Be greener in 2012

Be greener in 2012

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It's time for vows. You've put the cigarette down. It is only natural that you join our diet program. Let's give you another idea!

In this case, you will need green recipes to fully feed your family. Of course, it is important that you know where to buy. Then the wash is coming. Letting a huge amount of detergent go into the water extraordinarily, you can easily change it. Do you want to make yourself soapy, fragrant, unique and free from soap? You will also need a prescription for this. You could collect the waste selectively, but you don't know all the fortunes? So it won't be easy ... You should learn composting as well. You can make clothes for yourself and for the rest of the family. Are you curious about the green weights of skin and hair care? Would you like to know more about cures and prevent illness with sports? This will be good for you ReCept pocket diary, which is also a varied and colorful recipe recipe: the green tricks showcase the eco-conscious organizations available in our country.
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