Are you going to start dabbling soon? Get ready! (X)

Are you going to start dabbling soon? Get ready! (X)

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Is your child stunned? There are many things that can happen in the background: a close front can be effective, a more exhaustive night's exhaustion, the first tooth can be triggered, or you may just have a bad day.

In the case of a few typical symptoms, you can almost certainly be certain that the cause of your child's anxiety is in the mouth.

You still can't see the teeth! How do I know that the tooth is causing my complaints?

Milk teeth start as early as infancy, and by the age of 3, a total of 20 should occur. Although a small amount of the first milk tooth appears without any warning, there are some signs that can be inferred to start the dentition. If you experience one or more of the following, you probably don't have to wait much longer for the first tooth to appear:
  • They are looking for nicer, more sensitive, and more than average love.
  • At night, he sleeps more restlessly, eats more during the day, and eats less than usual.
  • Her skin is red, mostly swollen and very sensitive.
  • It is permanently in the mouth and teasing your fingers, your thumbs or your toys.
  • Increased resting may be observed.
  • You may develop a heat rise, redness of the face and buttocks.
In particular, in the case of breast-feeding babies, it is also observed that they refuse to spice up food, fruits, and repeat more often, requesting more breast milk.

I want to help! What can we do?

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