Successfully selected head-to-head Siamese twins

Successfully selected head-to-head Siamese twins

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This is the rarest greetings for Siamese twins, and the disease is very dangerous, as babies share the brain and important blood among others.

Successfully selected head-to-head Siamese twins (photo: AP: Associated Press)

In North Carolina, Heather and her husband Riley, who became pregnant at week 11, learned that they were pregnant with Siamese twins. Concern was heightened further when it came to light that Siamese twins grew up on their heads, nlcafe.hu reported on The Sun. Erin йs Abby Delanely, complications do not exist. Babies have a heavy and long-lifted blood, which is good after surgery. doctor Dr. Jessie Taylor I was confident of the future, as were the parents, who were hoping to be able to take the girls home this time.
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