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Alcohol consumed during pregnancy can cause less learning problems in children

Alcohol consumed during pregnancy can cause less learning problems in children

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Although we know more about the harmful effects of alcohol on the fetus, the number of neonates with fetal alcohol syndrome is still high.

Alcohol consumed during pregnancy can cause less learning problems in children

A recent study by the American Research Society on Alcoholism looked at the school performance of children exposed to high levels of alcohol abuse. The professionals studied two groups of children aged eight and sixteen: one group consisted of 67 children (44 boys and 23 girls) exposed to high alcohol in the mother, while the other group included 61 children (33). He was not exposed to alcohol at all. Forty-two (29 boys, 13 girls) children also participated in brain examinations, in which researchers conducted brain structure studies on the performance of school children. they performed significantly worse school assignments, like their peers, have proven to be especially weak in mathematics. Brain examinations proved all this: brain areas that were underdeveloped were related to mathematical and orthodox skills. In contrast, children who did not meet alcohol before childbirth did not only perform better at school, but agyszerkezetьk According to the researchers, it is not enough to emphasize alcohol abstinence in pregnancy, but special attention should be paid to children with fetal alcohol syndrome in school.
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