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Lots of complaints can lead to food intolerance

Lots of complaints can lead to food intolerance

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Not only can a history of recurrent abdominal discomfort, loss of sleep, or digestive problems, but also eczema, headache, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity in the background of children can lead to food intolerance.

Lots of complaints can lead to food intoleranceComplaints caused by food intolerance do not require medication, and with proper diet, the symptoms can be alleviated and eliminated. Food intolerance or hypersensitivity is not a food allergy: if a person consumes ingredients or foods that are not allergic but sensitive, the symptoms do not develop immediately; they can choose food intolerance. On dairy products and on cereals, someone can be sensitive to certain vegetables, fruits, spices, rarer meats, and the additives commonly used in the food industry can cause complaints. dr. Takbats in AlaiThe Йtelintolerancia йs Йtelallergia Tбrsasбg elnцke.- Hasfбjуs, fejfбjуs, ekcйmбs, bхrkiьtйsekkel kьzdх gyerekeknйl relatively quickly felmerьl to be a problem is the йtrenddel, it is suspicious even бm йtelintoleranciбra, if not talбljбk the okбt krуnikus fбradйkonysбgnak, attention disorder, hiperaktivitбsnak or akбr childhood elhнzбsnak. The children's body then produces antibodies against each of the ingredients, which can cause a wide variety of symptoms - adds Alajos Takáts. . Allergy tests are not suitable for the detection of food intolerance because they are first tested for antibodies to Immunoglobulin E (IgE) and subsequently to Immunoglobulin G (IgG). While food intolerance cannot be cured, by eliminating the ingredients that trigger sensitization reactions, complaints of food intolerance can disappear in a matter of weeks without treatment or treatment. Takáts Alajos emphasizes that children's diets should always be adjusted according to their dietary guidelines to avoid the development of deficiencies and the nutrition of the developing body, despite dietary restrictions.
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