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He has collected many more donations to the clinic

He has collected many more donations to the clinic

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Not only the washing machine, but also hundreds of thousands of forints donated to the clinic by the Transdanubian Foundation.

He has collected many more donations to the clinicAs we reported earlier, SOTE II. The washing machine broke down at the birth clinic, and the wards working in the ward took me home to wash the newborns' clothes. The Template Foundation and Baby Genetics Association started collecting because a mother who had previously contacted the clinic had heard about this to RTL Hnradou Somebody Tnmea Tündйrpakk Alapntvбnytуl. The foundation also brought baby blankets, breastfeeding armchairs, monitors, milk heaters, water heaters, and fever monitors to the clinic. And a salesman offered a washing machine. In the meantime, the university also bought a new machine for the clinic. The donations filled half a meeting room.
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