Nursery: Changes from September 2015What's worth knowing

Nursery: Changes from September 2015What's worth knowing

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Not only are parents making great decisions in the immediate past in connection with pregnancy care, there is also a slight change in school age, which will have a significant impact on the daily life of the family.

Life at the door

Important laws will come into effect on September 1st. Most importantly, every child over the age of three must attend compulsory school. According to the latest information, all children of compulsory school age will be assured of their place, among others, because previously enrolled children will be notified or rejected by June 8, and parents will be notified by June 8th.

Required door for at least half a day

Educators need to spend at least as much time in the institution each day as possible, but they also accept not having a state institution, but a private or church kindergarten or family holiday.
The local registrar (in agreement with the school leader, the guardian), with the child's legitimate interest in mind, may exempt the obligatory preschooler until the child reaches the age of five years. In addition, if the parent does not fulfill the obligation to enroll (and does not wish to be excused), the Registrar may, of his own motion, order attendance at the preschool.

The child can't stay home "just this"

The other very important change is that the school also penalizes unjustified deficiencies (if they exceed ten days) by withdrawing the family party. If the number of unverified failures reaches five days, the parent will be alerted, but if the number of failures reaches more than ten days, the family will stop the flow of debts.

Almost every udder will eat for free

According to one of the most recent draft laws, except September, everyone with the most abilities will be free from injustice and nursing care, and for children with two children, where the per capita income does not exceed the minimum net amount of 130 percent (currently $ 89,408).