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Never tell your son not to sound strong

Never tell your son not to sound strong

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I don't know how you are with him, but the little boys I know are the most sensitive, most caring, kindest kids. They take care of each other, protect each other and take care of each other. And not just the other guy, everyone. Christine Orgona нrбsa.

Accepted and forgiven, kind and sad. They get scared and ask for help. They are mighty and enormously open with their love and their feelings. They carry their hearts locally and they cry a lot.
Sure, they can be wild, impulsive, and terribly loud, but they have a sweet, weak, and fragile mind.
In one of the dudes, my older son was blamed and imagined by a bigger boy, no one of his friends advised him to "be hard and like a man, don't fuck!" Instead, they calmed and protected him.
When and why does this change? When and Why Do Boys Believe in Being Hard, Rather Than Being Fearless? When and why do boys think they can't cry?

And more importantly, how can we stop these roles that are much better for our sons - the same sons who will one day raise a son?
Let's stop with this stupid man's stupidity. Don't tell the boys to be tough! Let's lighten them up, stroke their backs, but don't tell them to quit.
Let's teach our weaknesses more, teach them how to understand and trust their feelings. Praise them for looking out for others because they are kind, good friends, and show empathy.
Don't harden them and maybe the world will be a much better place.
Forrбs: Scary Mommy
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