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Honey can cause serious harm to the baby

Honey can cause serious harm to the baby

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Babies should not be given water before they are one year old, as the bacterium spurge of Clostridium botulinum may be present in the honey, which can cause fatal nutritional toxicity.

Honey can cause serious harm to the babyAlthough botulism is a relatively rare but very dangerous indication: it affects the baby's nervous system. The body of infants is still underdeveloped to prevent reproduction. Symptoms of poisoning include persistent constipation for several days, impotence, abnormal fatigue, and muscle weakness. The following may cause difficulty in breathing - see Index.Symptoms do not necessarily appear immediately, from the appearance of a slight urine to symptoms that occur within a week, anything can happen, depending on how much heat is put into the body. In the next few days, the baby may become so weak that he or she needs to be ventilated. If the infection has occurred, then there is a need for hospitalization. The poison can be deactivated with anti-serum and care must be taken to remove any unabsorbed material from the body.Apart from honey, Clostridium botulinum can also be found in poorly treated raw flesh and soil, but these are rarely contacted by a baby.Related articles in Botulism:
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