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10 Funny Carnival Costumes For Home

10 Funny Carnival Costumes For Home

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Not everyone can pay thousands of dollars for a ready-made costume and not everyone loves trendy pieces of mass. We've reviewed some funny costumes that are handmade, and you don't even have to put them in your pocket.

Although nowadays there are many ready-made costumes on the shelves of supermarkets and webshops, there are still some who love and make carnival costumes that not only bring a smile to their faces. Parenting creativity is limitless, thank goodness this manifests itself not only in solving the problem, but also in making carnival costume.1. Old woman in costumeIt might be a bit of a morbid idea to masquerade our young child, but let's face it - the result is funny. Tip: Take the glass out of Granny's old glasses before giving it to your baby. (Forrбs: and Pinterest)

Here's the chance to hug Granny

2. Baby CostumeIf you have a black dress, a leather goggle and a bottle at home, you just have to paint on the shelves. The leather stuff is very cool and also comfortable. (Photo sources: 1., 2.

Funny carnival diving hat

3. Superman costumeThis jersey wasn't worth a Superman polo or a little face paint, Dad's hair gel, and of course the emblematic black-framed eyeglasses (without glass). (Forrбs:

Young Clark Clark Kent

4. Popcorn CostumeSimply ruffle costume. No? (Source:

Better than cinema popcorn

5. Smartphone CostumeSmartphones are nowadays almost a basic utility. And children are often even better at handling than we are. Unfortunately. Password: For a Smartphone (Forrбs:

Smartphone costumes can be very cool

6. Octopus CostumeWho would have thought that some discarded stockings were doing good service !? You only need to call a few buttons for the octopus costume. (Source:

Here's my foot, where's my foot?

7. Hooded Top Carnival CostumesCpa costume, or the extraordinary rendezvous of hoodies and tooth and mesh cut out of felt. (Source: costume: a child's brown hoodie and a pair of gloves covered with anything. Tip: Adding a little face paint can work wonders. (Source:

The hoodie is top, comfortable, and fancy dress

8. On-site costumeGee! This is really cicellular! The secret of the knowledgeable costume (from a very timely weather site) lies in the details. (Forrбs:

Being aware of costume is also very important

9. Spit CostumeSurrounding the village comes to life. Supplies: Blue and white tights or white tights. And, of course, white material for sapi. Face painting can be good here too. (Forrбs: Fiъ tцrp -, Tırpilla -

Zip Hoodies Costume - Cute and… blue

10. Pizza CostumeYum. An interesting metamorphosis of the corpse ring is pizzazz. Naturally, the kid's pizza costume topper should be adjusted by the kid! (Forrбs:

Pizza Costume - Modern and Exciting

  • Wearing a carnival costume makes you more socially sensitive
  • Carnival ladybirds and crusaders

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