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If the mother studies, the child will be smarter

If the mother studies, the child will be smarter

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According to a recent study in Demography magazine, improving the knowledge of mothers living in low-income families can help their children at school.

American researchers have found that, in early childhood, the ability of a mother to read is the most important factor that can influence her child's future educational success, and more important than other circumstances, such as family or family. The researchers examined 2350 children and their families between the ages of three and seventeen in 65 cities of Los Angeles County. Even though young children were most influenced by their children's performance at school, the financial situation of the environment was the most important factor among the eight and seventeen years. This supports the notion that out-of-home influences are becoming more influential in their lives as children grow.

If the mother studies, the child will be smarter

"This analysis allows us to select different factors that impact on children's performance," said Narayan Sastry, a co-author of the study at the University of Michigan. "Social measures are needed to develop mixed financial environments, to improve early childhood education, and to improve the reading ability of mothers because they can all positively impact children's performance."
Experts agree that measures of this kind would really help to overcome inequalities in school performance between poorer and richer families.
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