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Can the baby grab the baby bottle for us?

Can the baby grab the baby bottle for us?

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We wouldn't have guessed that so many places were in danger.

Dr. Katia Jedeon, according to a recent study by a senior staff member of the French National Institute of Health and Medicine, bisphenol A (BpA) and a vinclozolin Last but not least, if we know that it is one of the largest chemicals in the world, it is mainly made from polycarbonate plastics. Its use is so widespread that it includes bottles, bottles, food carriers, plastic containers, dishes used in microwave ovens, plumbing tubes and numerous household utensils.BpA based on scientific research can be responsible for cancer, diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorders, heart disease, asthma, thyroid disorder, also birth defects, cerebral dysfunction disorders and behavior. Studies have shown that even low levels of BpA can pose a high risk. Vinclozolin is most commonly used in agriculture and the food industry because it inhibits spinach germination and fungal growth. The two substances were considered dangerous by numerous tests and could cause serious damage to the endocrine glands. Jedeon considers these two materials to be responsible for irreversible damage to children's teeth. In her opinion, the best thing we can do to try to minimize exposure to substances that contain bisphenol A and vinclozolin from the third trimester of pregnancy to the age of the child is (VIA).They may also be interested in:
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