Judith's diary - Monday 12th to the doctor

Judith's diary - Monday 12th to the doctor

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Nobody told me that! - I stumbled upon my pregnant booklet before the current episode of Locations. For me, who in the past twenty years had only visited a dentist and a dentist, I was shocked at the number of mandatory medical visits.

Sign in to the guard! Of course, it was midnight in the morning until midnight. I felt his overwhelming voice, hoping that my house belonged somewhere else. No no! I'm sure I'm going to my district-based brothel if you eat hell! In the rain, I was dragging myself down the street in tight trousers to first meet the guardian, who was nice and cute, but humorous with humorous men. Or maybe my mom is right and I'm too cheeky? At the end of the seasons, he said, "By the twelfth week, family life should be taken in an alternative form ..." he said, even though I was embarrassed. - Alternative? - I grinned like my high school children. - Looking for another man? - I laughed out loud on my own polish, then stared at my shoes, because she didn't smile. I said good-bye quickly, then stuffed a cacao snail into the polar breeze.
Go to your outpatient doctor! Let's start there without even knowing who my outpatient doctor is. It turned out to be a young woman with such a high profile that the flu flu could not give a pregnant woman enough time, but she dealt with everyone at the very least. Honestly, with me too. It's one thing that I fell asleep in the office in the middle of a run, leaning my head against the wall. But I did mention in the previous post that my sleep requirement had doubled ... I fell asleep among the crippled retirees when it came to me. I got Beutal Mountains. For all kinds of blood tests, ECGs, dentists and further blood tests for toxoplasma, because of course, like all normal men, I have a cat. Currently there is only one, but there have been two.
Of course, it turned out that my thorough docs had given me these references unnecessarily, because this was a must if she wanted to get the results. Otherwise, I can go back neatly to the artifact and then go back to the nobility. Almost okay, from the TES lab they sent one of the blood results to the hospital, I was expecting two. Anyway! At least I slept after lunch.
I was also legally aware that since I have gone thirty, certain filters are required. Even though I know my child, like General Lala, is going to flee from me, whole, smart, with thirty teeth, a perfect immune system, and a giant eagle bird, the witchcraft symbol of wisdom. For the time being, medical science does not accept this idea, and it is mandatory for Down Screening, because the risk factor is higher at this age. Why don't you get frosty because of your neuroticism? But of course I have a man next to me to calm me down. He also succeeded in doing so. We have a date for the next ultrasound, which is genetic, and we can see our little ones again, listen to the heart and tell you everything is okay. You can't even fall for another!