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That's how the baby will be

That's how the baby will be

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It's hard to believe, but baby is slowly becoming a small child. Where did the first year go? It was a glance! The baby has changed a great deal since her birth and many more changes in the near future!

By the time you reach the age of 1, a lot of things happen to him. And afterwards more!

As the baby's first birthday approaches, you can count on more and more gemstones in your development. These are waiting for you before breaking down your birthday cake:


Most Babies Do First Steps Between 9-12 Months He learns to come by 14-15 months. Like all parents, you are very much looking forward to getting started. But it's important to know that if you don't have a baby in one place, your job is much harder. The end of the time when you can safely leave it in the middle of the bed while you're up. You will stone it, even when looking homo erectus style. But, of course, it will be easier in some respects, if you can already sleep, you can come to the peak: you don't have to carry it everywhere. Perhaps your week will be the worst of thousands.


The baby communicates with you by the end of the day (at the age of five months), the "bath" and the use of similar bars. It's very funny to see and hear your speech evolve, you see, she will say, Mom soon! A poor baby speaks his first words by the age of 1, but don't worry if yours doesn't. Dolls' gemstones move at very wide intervals, especially when talking. If you have any questions or concerns, talk to your pediatrician.

Цnбllу evйs

You may have more food on the ground and on the baby's face than in your mouth, but it's still very adorable when you eat it alone. It is true that you can eat indiscriminately, but still you need to pay attention to security even when eating. Cut the food for your little snack to prevent it from drowning. You will need to look at the introduction of certain foods (eg, honey, egg white, cow's milk, seeds). The popular nutrition guide is BLW (baby led weaning), which consists of selecting the baby's mouth from the mouth and choosing what he likes at his fingertips. He gets to know the tastes and dishes at his own pace and needs. It gives you greater autonomy and less stress than the traditional method. You can read more about BLW here ...

Breastfeeding and weaning

WHO recommends breastfeeding until the age of two and exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of your life. However, many still divorce their baby before the age of 1 year. If you decide to divorce even though, you should not switch to cow's milk, as it is advised that the baby be replaced by cow's milk before the age of 3.


Sometime after their first birthday, babies begin to leave for Easter. Бltalбban They are between the ages of 15-18 months for one-off sleep, but it can happen sooner. Changing can be difficult for mothers, but look at the good side: if you sleep less during the day, you can sleep more at night.


When your little one starts out, make sure you have a baby safe home. Go from room to room and from baby level to that look at things from their perspective. What's wrong with getting him there? How can you hurt yourself? Of course, there is no baby-safe home that looks beyond the careful eyes of mothers, so the baby still needs close supervision. A few tips: get rid of poisonous flowers, unpack demountable or dangerous items from your shelves, hang up corner protectors, and secure a safety plug and a baby-safe staircase.


The baby learns that the hand can be used to do something like finger sucking or mother's hair croaking. Even before the first year is completed, you will be able to thumb the show off with the help of the thumb of the show, picking up the games from the ground. Meals and playtime are great opportunities to give it a boost: praise it if you use your little fingers wisely.


As the first birthday approaches, more and more worth it from the world around him, from the words he heard. When, for example, the ringing bells, the sound direction looks. When the dog first takes it, it giggles and applauds in pride. And a few days ago, he was covering the fire, right? Isn't it interesting to see how baby is part of everyday life?


In the beginning, he did to the baby what he wanted. You may not be able to install it in your car or in a taxi car. Now his personality is changing, and so is he shows you what he wants to do, what do you like. She might start dancing when she sings a song she likes in the squad, or wailing when you take your money out of her mouth. Well, at least you know how to stay with him.

Separation anxiety

A completely normal part of the baby's development is separation anxiety. Eight months early in the neighborhood many babies are stressed, anxiously killedif your mother is out of the hospital (she moves to another place for a moment). Separation anxiety can last up to two years. For both of you, this is a difficult time. If you are looking for more details on baby development, then follow the changes from month to month in our Baby Development service.
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