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Baptism in abbey

Baptism in abbey

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Today's modern equality laws allow not only the mother to stay home for a little while, but also the crown of the creator to free herself.

Baptism in abbey

Equality with minor mistakes

Of course, this formula sounds much simpler than it really is. It is true that in the 21st century, law fathers have rights, yet only a few live and can live with this opportunity. You can try to take the extra week off after your baby's birth so that the family can spend the first few days together, but getting pregnant is really difficult. After all, in our country, where it is still commonplace for men to earn more money for the same job as women, it does not take long for a father to give up ambition and for years to have a family stove.
For Dad to stay home with the baby is really just a theoretical opportunity. Only 5-6 percent of males need childhood / child care, in other cases, the moms leave their jobs. This is not only because of the particular pay gap that dad's earnings are balancing, but it can also psychologically strain the stronger non-deceived members of the social stance. Whether you are echoed or bounced, you must be sure that neither the familiar nor the unknown will pass without such a decision without comment.


However, there are exceptional life situations - for example, if the mother is looking for more, or is more prestigious in career than the father, or if the couple's male member does not have a longer or shorter time to work - it is worth considering with some trunks.
The father is (also) gone after the baby is born 5 days "monkey", for twins, 7 days, which can be requested in the first two months after birth. Either the father, or the mother's basic leave can be increased by two days for a child, two days for a child and three days or three for a week or more.
The family tax deduction can be HUF 10,000 per child per month, HUF 25,000 per child per two children, and HUF 33,000 per month per three children.
The family party can be claimed by any parent, the sum of this in 2016: HUF 12,200 for single-child family, HUF 13,700 for single-child family, HUF 13,300 for family with two children, HUF 14,000 for single child with children raises grapes 17,000 HUF.
For children with long-term illness or severe disability, HUF 23,300 and for single-parenting children with child care is HUF 25,900.
GYED is good for dad too, can be requested after the baby is half full. It is required that the required father has a 365 day insurance period in the two years before birth (this 365 day need not be continuous). The amount of GYED is 70% of the average daily gross salary earned before the birth, but up to 70% of the current minimum wage is paid up to 155.400 HUF.
The grandfather can also ask for childhood up to the age of three, the gross amount is HUF 28,500, after deducting the pension contributions HUF 25,792. Parents can apply for a childcare allowance (toddler) for infants under 12 years: 84 days a year for a child aged 1-3, 42 days for a child aged 3-6, and only 14 days for a child aged 6-12 dad, but the number of days will be greatly increased if you have a single parent.

Family work sharing

She made her way to the small world in a few weeks - during her childbirth and breastfeeding, before breastfeeding begins - arguably her mother. These months (from the 28th day before childbirth to 168th day after childbirth, ie 24 weeks) can be avoided if the mother goes to the baby care (formerly pregnant maternity allowance). This is also financially advantageous to the family, as during this time the average daily gross earnings can be 70 percent. And for years to come, Dad could stay home if he wanted.
Ideally, if you were to choose childcare for your dads, not just for financial pressures or for the sake of unemploymentbut instead: because we would love to have fun at home.
And the years filled with baby do not get out of hand, with just a few frameworks to regulate how a toddler (but also a grandmother!) Can work with a child. There are countless professions that do not have to be completely abandoned because they can be done from home. For example, translation, translation, proofreading, translation, or even letter writing. The father can also go to college or university during his / her childhood, but if you are thinking shorter, you can enroll in some form of vocational or advanced training.
While babies are not able to bring a baby to the world and breastfeed, it is just as good as moms to care for, care for, and love.
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