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(S) Twin History XXXIII.Finalization

(S) Twin History XXXIII.Finalization

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Our most recent actress naïve parents' training and child-friendly bourgeoisie (mother and young) has been given the nickname "Bacon Breath Layer".

In a rural setting, it is almost a must to practice off-the-shelf nutrition. (It burned on Nyírs, it was cosmopolitan, charred on the grill.) According to my experience, people in the village generally do not cook in costume, they do not pop corn in the open fire, they do not go to the pub, village firecrackers are an indispensable resource for evening fire and bacon rearing. Why would we deny this nudge? The thing is not so complicated, we put on fire, light the bacon and roast it for summer ...


Dad can finish a little presentation on "this is the business of men". Below the paper, like the thin, dry rust, the firewood that used to be thinner (- Dad, do you have to clean the tree with a bulb?) And finally the little ones.
- But Dad! Uncle Baya just splashed some oil on the tree and collected it with a sling. Don't you have such a disgrace?
"But there is, Zsomi, but I think that's the way to put a fire." Béla is a handy, urban mollusc. You see, Dad brings a wide match and the fire is on fire!


It is known to be the most excellent of the hazelnuts, and we are now also aware that hazel bushes are found strictly on the neck of the brook.
So if we've been so negligent that we have retreated from the cuddly puppies (in short pants), we should at least act as if they were the most natural of all. Just as you are crouching in the mud in your ankle, cheating in your pants, mosquitoes underneath our sleep, kitchen panties swallowing us up from peanuts and our thumbs. (I smiled as much as honestly as a middle-class Secretary of State in Bohemian at Fiswick Township.)


Well, no! Just nothing made in the open air, meat industry quick-sucked, herring-type sows, cholesterol bomb from birdcage! Here we have the Mangalicas Anti-Flesh, a really good little home smoked, guaranteed colorless (Norbi Update 3) mangalica bacon. Unsaturated omega3 is on the skewer like a torch. (- Ouch, so kind, don't fight it, it won't fall asleep, just sprinkle everyone with hot bacon!)


Tehбt. As the Duluth storm wanes, our carefully prepared and potty-lit bed of noodles is poured over a little grilled liquid, letting our homemade burger taste…
Then we treat the smaller or larger lesions of the short bacon. The charred bacon pieces are collected (the favorite delicacy of the Mangalicas Antique Komondors), the bread bits dropped in the ashes are given to Moms Marci's hunks, and the pumpkins don't stay hungry and they dine. (Which you cooked while we risked our lives in the spider expedition.) And the calendar is carefully entered: this year's bacon check is checked out.
- If you're good, we'll be shaving in the summer!


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