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7 Questions About Feeding A Breastfeeding Advice Answers

7 Questions About Feeding A Breastfeeding Advice Answers

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A big step in the first baby food, a novelty in the life of the family and the baby. I've asked about the most common mothers' questions this time.

1. What should I do if a newly introduced food has caused an allergic reaction in my baby? So I plan to give her some fruit juice for a couple of days, then try some fruit juices.

- In case of an allergic reaction, do not do anything except give the raw material that caused the symptoms anymore. You should gradually introduce new ingredients, taking three to three days' rest until you know what was causing the problem (diarrhea, rash, cheating, rarely bloody stools). A severe allergic reaction, or shock, is very rare, but if you do, you should call an ambulance immediately. This is not the case with our first baby food, such as apples, pears, rape, potatoes.It is not necessary to start with fruit, it is just one of the many things you can do. It only makes sense if it is not heat-treated, but in-store refreshments are heat-treated, and are therefore superfluous. It is advisable to give the baby valuable nutrients.

2. If I start introducing gluten, should I get it every day starting to find out if my baby has skin? Even if you only get one cannula?

- If your child is lupusous, celiac, you will rarely notice any symptoms before the age of two. Wheat allergy may occur, but it is as valid as I said in the previous answer. You don't have to get gluten every day, treat this request in a more flexible, natural way. A good source of gluten can be, for example, a bread that the baby gets in his hand and closes. More gluten free info here

What to keep in mind when starting to recharge?

3. Is it a good idea to make him a cracker at home with some biscuits containing only flour, apples and oil? One of these, if you do not get any other gluten-free food?

- Yes, such a biscuit is a great way to introduce gluten, but at first you will certainly not eat your baby, but rather just keep it low. In the early stages of nutrition (which can mean months) it is normal for the baby to taste only a little at a time, or just to eat one or more.

4. Can I use frozen breast milk kits for milk fermentation? Isn't it okay to boil it?

- Breast milk can be cooked in the same way as cow's milk, but boiling boils down some of the immune substances, enzymes, vitamins - the longer the heat, the more these useful substances are, for the most part. Therefore, it is a good idea to cook the breadcrumbs or cereal with water and then mix it with untreated breast milk. The living cells of the breast milk are destroyed by freezing, and this boiling cannot degrade any further. To defrost it is advisable to put it in the cooler the previous day and then in warm water shortly before use.

5. If I wish to breastfeed my baby, I will try to breastfeed my first snack after breastfeeding. Do I still have to follow this method when I eat bigger doses already? I would like to breastfeed further, but I did not quite understand how breastfeeding will ever stop, that is, how my baby will be weaned if he / she receives food instead of breastfeeding.

- Experience has shown that these questions are solved spontaneously as the child grows older and eats more. Breastfeeding is not only for the dieters, it is not only that you want to breastfeed many times a day, but you can eat a lot of solid food if you just want it. It is also a fact that when you are feeling hungry, you are less likely to quench your hunger, tend to cum, and want to breastfeed too. In the meantime, the mother is usually absent from breastfeeding, and these factors together result in breastfeeding being terminated one fine day. From these two books you can get detailed help with nutrition, many recipes, diets, color photos, and helpful guides.
Rebirth after birth

6. Does the introduction of vegetables begin the same way as the fruit, so can only the vegetables be given, or can it be started directly with peppers (potatoes, then red rape, zest)? When can you combine fruits and vegetables with each other?

- There is no requirement that you first get fruit, so the baby must get green. You can start with nutrition and combine the two, just be sure to try the new ingredients in small amounts first and only one at a time. Wait for two to four days with the newer ingredient, then try it. Greening can be a good solution, but you can also give greenery as you see fit.

7. My doctor advised that it would be a good idea to introduce my baby to fruits, greens and gluten by the end of the 7th month. What if it doesn't work out in such a short space of time?

- This seems like a bit of a stretch, as it means you need to get to know more about greenery and fruits in just one month. However, many babies do not accept anything before the age of eight and there is no reason to hurry. It doesn't matter much, for example, that greens and fruits get to know a part of them and then they are only eleven or twenty months old. Yeah, if two thirds of your annual diet is still breast milk.


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