If you are born above 30, you will survive

If you are born above 30, you will survive

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Finally, there is something good for those who have children over the age of 30. If you have been accused of not giving birth to a twenty-year-old, please read this article and share it with your acquaintances and relatives!

It is possible to have children over 30

If your closest relative is annoyed that you're over 30 years old or too old to give birth, try to get him back with the research results that Huffingtonpost reported. According to the Journal of Public Health, women who give birth to their first child over the age of 30 years continue to live.28 In Europe, studies were conducted on 65-year-old women. Doctors have determined their healthy life expectancy and have found that women who have given birth to their first baby over the age of 30 are older than their mothers. for women who have given birth to a baby after the age of 33, their expected age reaches 95 years! Those who have not given birth to a child after 29 have fewer chances. But, of course, genetics play a major role in women's life expectancy. Not to say that no one should be born under the age of 29, the last date of birth may also be an indicator of aging. If a woman is born over the age of 30, or maybe 40, it indicates that the reproductive system is slowly aging, so probably the rest of her body. , don't hold your opinion! Related Articles:
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