Magical kid programs

Magical kid programs

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Night of museums with lots of kids' programs, magical concert of Rutkai Bori, Children's Island! We can count on a wonderful summer weekend with lots of kids' programs!

Museum Night - Special Programs for Kids and Adults

Csуnakбzбs, omnibuszozбs, meseegyьttesek, tбncelхadбsok, jazz concert, бllatsimogatу, бllatok bemutatуja forest, forest akadбly- йs йlmйnypбlya, tыzugrбs, lбbbбbos, kйzmыvessarok, nйpi mestersйgek bemutatуja, gyуgynцvйny-, gombaismertetх йs -kуstolу, йtel Beverages, vбsбr, fotуbemutatу, csillagvizsgбlу, a tower of secrets, guides, guided tours.
Saturday, June 16, 2012 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Hungarian Museum of Agriculture (1146 Budapest, Várrosliget, Castle of Vajdahunyad)

Children's Island

Jу levegх, napsьtйs pleasant zцld kцrnyezet, kreatнv kйzmыves-foglalkozбsok, smart interaktнv jбtйkok, vidбm bohуcparбdйk, szнnhбzi йs music programs, exciting szуrakozбsi lehetхsйgek, bбbszнnhбz, pantomime, tбnc, vбndorvurstli, бllatsimogatу, kцrnyezettudatossбg, szolidaritбs. On June 16-17 there will be a dog frisbee show, Bori Rutkai and Szilvi Bognár concert, Ringatú, psychological education advisory!
June 16-17, 2012. Saturday-Sunday (and Saturday-Sunday June 23-24, 2012)
Budapest, Ubudai Island

Exhibition: Bogyу and Babуca

Illustrate the story with simple, contoured figures and pure colors, so almost draw the drawings themselves into "whack". And, indeed, the fairy tale, from the outset, was presented by the author to the little ones in a program format, for which he himself created the three-dimensional figures and the sets. Now featuring 17 original, large-scale fairy tale scenes where schoolchildren can meet their favorite heroes!
June 19, 2012 (Saturday) August 12, 2012 (Sunday) 10 am - 6 pm (daily) Millenberis (1024 Budapest, Kis Rуkus u. 16-20.), Reception (Gallery)

A club for gamers

Explore the world of board games with the help of Attila Bécs, who shows old-fashioned classic games to those who are interested!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 2:00 PM
Erzsébet Szabou Library XX / 2. s. member library (1203 Budapest, Bírу Mihбly u. 7.)

Creative Sunshine Powder Series for Ovis: Every Week Other Programs! (3 to 7 years old)

Themed tours (music, theater, visual arts, olympic and other athletic, fabulous, adventurous, natural, creative / artistic, photographic, linguistic) are trained by qualified pediatricians to teach the little ones, to pune.

June 18, 2012 (Mon-Fri) - August 24, 2012 (Mon-Fri)
Szllk Hbza (1118 Budapest, Rétkцz u. 7, Eleven Center P2 level)
Forrбs:,,, Treasure Kids Program Magazine


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