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We dyed the Йv Vйdхni!

We dyed the Йv Vйdхni!

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Cheer on those you have nominated! On Womens Day, June 15, we announced the winners of a joint call from the Maternity Magazine and this year's Hungarian Widows Association.

The maves that came to MAVE were true, true stories, starring the most accomplished professional in the family, the Wizard. Small settlements in category You are gardening Бgnes won Castle Pilot in the small town category Ferencné Szakбll Bodajkrúl in the big city category Czбknй Varga Ildikou From Budapest, and from the Councils of Vojvodina Kovácsné Sбrosi Tнmea, Erika Szabou-Kreisz, Kinga Sölch йs Sinthavong Anna became the winner. Our roulette-studded rugs will soon be read here in the and in the Autumn issues of Maternity.

The awards were given by: ordgnes Csordás, chairman of MAVE, editor-in-chief of Dokra Prokopp and Bvlits Йva, right among the winners

Not only the diploma, but also the award-winning cover, each winner was offered a laptop to help keep the family in touch with modern communication tools. Congratulations to all the winners!