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What to carry if we are going to give birth?

What to carry if we are going to give birth?

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Even those who leave everything to the last minute usually start carefully before birth, since nobody knows what the "last minute" will be. You're in a hurry, but what's in the mom pack ...

Pregnant women and their families are ready to give birth a few weeks before birth. It is recommended that you make your pre-requisites for the 36th week of your promise.

Design it!

The most important task in this case is to choose a bright, peaceful place in your home where your newborn baby will be. Mom buys everything she needs, then prepares it, irons her baby clothes, wraps all the necessary tools and supplies. You also need to pack the things you need to stay in the hospital. It is advisable to pack your mom's pack in a small leather bag.

What the little one needs

When going to the hospital, the mother must take the prepared package with her. This should include the most important maternal comfort items during the pre-natal and post-natal periods. Elхnyцs position are those vбrandуsok who took rйszt szьlйsre felkйszнtх course, because there megismerhettйk the szьlхintйzetet the szьlхszobбt the szьlйs alternatнv lehetхsйgeit the optimбlis posture megvбlasztбsбt the igйnybe vehetх segйdeszkцzцket (bordбsfal ball vajъdу kбd etc) йs the fбjdalomcsillapнtбs lehetхsйgeit.

How to Prepare for Birth?

Breastfeeding may require a baby cushion, nipple lift, nipple lift. It is also necessary to prepare the items needed to bring the newborn home so that the mother and the father / family assisting the baby can be brought into the hospital.The baby's move is greatly influenced by the time it takes. In addition to asking us what to carry with us, we also ask who to carry with us when we are going to give birth. The latter should be discussed with your physician. What his mother liked to see beside him is expecting love, help, and righteousness. This person is most often the mother of a pregnant mother. Couples are preparing for an increasingly popular, so-called "parental" training today.

Maternity Pakk:

  • personal documents (identity card, residence card, marriage certificate or paternity statement, pregnant mother's care book, TB card, test report),
  • Opening 2 hours ago hбlуing,
  • dress, slippers, 2 pairs of socks,
  • disposable sterile panties,
  • 2 breastfeeding bras, bra pads,
  • mellszнvу
  • toiletries (2 towels, slippers, soap, intimate liquid soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, toilet paper, specialty cleanser, paper handkerchief, wipes, breast)
  • milk-stimulating teakever,
  • cutlery, napkin,
  • cell phone, fill, read, notebook, pen, fibrous pad.

Baby Pakk:

  • cotton kitty (thanks knitting),
  • English Duck, textile diaper (4-5 pcs), diaper,
  • body, rugdalouzу,
  • tip, cap, hanger,
  • mуzeskosбr.
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